Your privacy is extremely important to us at MoneyMinding Enterprises Inc. (“MoneyMinding”), and we will do everything reasonably in our power, and subject to the terms of this Policy, to safeguard your private information.

1. Collection of Information

  • The website accessible through the domain name (the “Website”) will not collect any personally identifying information about you without your express consent. Whenever you consent to, and thereafter provide your personally identifying information to MoneyMinding through the Website (all such personally identifiable information provided, by consent, through MoneyMinding’s website will be referred to in this Policy as “Your Information”), MoneyMinding will take reaonsable steps to safeguard that information.
  • MoneyMinding will not sell Your Information to any other companies or people, and will not use it for any reason other than those reasons given to you at the time you provide Your Information.
  • MoneyMinding’s obligations to safeguard Your Information are satisfied with basic known Internet security techniques, and MoneyMinding need not specially segregate or encrypt Your Information when Your Information is stored online, and MoneyMinding will not be responsible for security or other breaches resulting from hacker or other illegal activities of third parties.

2. Use Generally

  • MoneyMinding may use Your Information for its own internal purposes, for ways that are disclosed to you at the time you provide Your Information, and in ways that may help MoneyMinding either improve its website or improve the scope and quality, generally, of its products, services or other things that it provides from time to time.

3. Forums

  • You should be aware that MoneyMinding may, from time to time, make available certain forums, bulletins, or other opportunities (collectively, the “Opportunities”) for you to provide comments, questions, and other information about yourself. That information, once provided by you, may be visible to, and collected by, others around the world using special technology called ‘spiders’ or other forms of electronic information retrieval systems. MoneyMinding will not be responsible for the use of that information by anybody, and if you ever participate in any of the Opportunities you do so entirely at your own risk.

4. Minors

  • TO ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 19 YEARS: While, generally speaking, this website is intended for use by adults, MoneyMinding recognizes that, occasionally, youths may take an interest in financial planning and other financial issues; and, in fact, it is our view that it is healthy for them to do so.
  • However, if you are under the age of 19 years, be sure to ask your parents for permission before you send any information about yourself to MoneyMinding or to anyone else over the Internet. Remember, your parents look out for your safety and wellbeing, and they have a legal responsibility to make sure your activities do not put you at unnecessary risk.

5. Purchase Information

  • You may be invited to purchase or register through MoneyMinding’s website for products, services or events provided by MoneyMinding. As part of the purchase or registration process for those products, services or events, you will be asked to provide certain personally identifying information (the “Purchase Information”), which information is required in order to properly deliver any such products or services, or in order to process your registration.
  • MoneyMinding will hold the Purchase Information in reasonable confidence, and on the same basis as it hold Your Information, subject always to the terms of any supplementary agreements (such as end user or purchase agreements) you may enter into with MoneyMinding, and also subject to any terms indicated to you at the time you provide the Purchase Information.
  • For clarity, and in event for any reason that the Purchase Information may be deemed to be different from Your Information, MoneyMinding may use the Purchase Information in any way to improve the overall quality of its products, services or other things provided by MoneyMinding from time to time, but it will not ever sell the Purchase Information to any other companies or people.

6. Changes

  • This Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time at MoneyMinding’s discretion, so we invite you check back periodically to see if there have been any changes.

7. Part of Terms

  • This Privacy Policy is incorporated into, and forms an integral part of, the Terms of Use of this website. It has been separated only for ease of reference and as a courtesy to you.

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