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Welcome! I'm Sam: Today's Voice for Connecting Faith and Finance, and the Author and Founder of MoneyMinding

We are Equipping Christians for Effective Money Management

Because, what if Jesus talked so much about money because He wants us to connect with Him and each other through finances?

Money impacts every area of our life. 

Yet, it’s not a popular subject to discuss – especially in churches where mis-information, pride, fear, uncertainty, and intimidation seem to dominate the financial issue!

MoneyMinding will show you how you can increase your financial effectiveness to share God’s love with others using the financial resources, skills, opportunities, desires, expertise and experience He gives each person individually and uniquely.

MoneyMinding shows your HOW to connect God and money
with the financial tools we all use everyday: banking, credit, savings, investing, insurance, taxes, business, etc!

Join today to access tips, articles, templates, questionnaires,
and more to begin a journey of financial equipping!

Regardless of your age or financial situation - MoneyMinding will give you the fresh perspective and missing link for yourself and others!

It’s time to make a Change!

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

-Romans 12:2

Sam Piercy, CFP

“Biblical prosperity depends on effectively CONNECTING the Word of God with the world’s financial system, by learning to use the world’s tools within a biblical context – not trying to apply biblical principles to the world’s system”

Founder, Author, Financial Freedom Fighter!

The MoneyMinding System
is a way to connect God's Word
on finances with the financial
world we live in!

MoneyMinding is a clearly defined system of four parts:
1. Plan, 2. Plant, 3. Cultivate and 4. Harvest & Increase.
Each part contains 3 clear steps.

These 12 steps of the MoneyMinding system were designed to empower, educate, equip, encourage, and effectively lead people
into a deeper relationship with Jesus and each other through finances!
This program is not dependent on age, financial situation, or geography.

Every financial decision and every transaction makes a difference!

Financial transformation for yourself and others begins with small actions repeated consistently to produce the biggest results
in the shortest amount of time!

Used prayerfully, these 12 steps will guide your progress strategically!

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  1. Connect with your Purpose
  2. Clarify your Vision
  3. Identify your Seeds



  1. Implement Systems
  2. Form intentional Habits
  3. Surround Yourself with Supportive People



  1. Maximize efficiency with your Current Income
  2. Remove and Minimize Obstacles
  3. Leverage Strategically


Harvest & Increase

  1. Create Sustainable Income
  2. Plan to Grow Assets
  3. Pursue Exponential Opportunities

The MoneyMinding System!

The MoneyMinding methodology was created to empower, educate, equip, encourage,
and effectively lead people into a deeper relationship with Jesus and with each other through finances!
This is not dependent on age, financial situation, or geography.

Kingdom Finance
powered by MoneyMinding

Is financial success ensured
by spending less than you earn and saving the balance?
Or is there a more excellent way of using Kingdom principles to put your money to work for God’s glory?

The MoneyMinding Method will show you
‘how’ to reexamine the “traditional” biblical principles of money.

You will learn how to connect the Power of the Word of God with
financial literacy, managing money and making more money,

Your relationship with God and money will never be the same. 

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