What if Jesus talked so much about money because that's where He wants us to find Him?

Seemingly good advice to ‘manage money wisely’, or to ‘steward God’s money’ focus your attention on money’s limitations, not on serving God and others with the financial resources, skills, opportunities, desires, expertise and experience He gives you. Isolation, intimidation, independence, ignorance indicate the enemy stronghold limiting your potential. 

MoneyMinding shows your HOW to connect God’s and money with everyday financial tools!

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MoneyMinding has all of the Tools you need for your complete financial transformation!


MoneyMinding Mentorship is about connecting to learn, earn, share, and increase finances in your life, and others in your community and around the world!


Take a mini course, a specialized training, or comprehensive masterclass! Wherever you start, your financial paradigm and results will be transformed by the Power of God working in and through finances in your life, family, business and ministry!


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Join the MoneyMinding community and network with others to share stories, prayer, financial tips, opportunities, ideas, connections, and more!


Become a partner and help grow the community, earn ongoing referral income for yourself or ministry cause to benefit yourself and others!

Prayer and Personal Assessments

Not sure where to turn or where to start? Book a 20 minute FREE mini assessment with MoneyMinding Founder, Sam Piercy, CFP and other MoneyMinding Financial Professionals to seek practical, professional and prayerful direction!

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Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

-Romans 12:2

Sam Piercy, CFP

“Biblical prosperity depends on effectively CONNECTING the Word of God with the world’s financial system, by learning to use the world’s tools within a biblical context – not trying to apply biblical principles to the world’s system”

Founder, Author, Financial Freedom Fighter!

The MoneyMinding Mentorship

The MoneyMinding Mentorship is a community to learn, grow, and share! It’s the ‘who and what‘ you know to increase financial effectiveness to receive and to overflow! 

By joining the MoneyMinding Mentorship Program you will be encouraged spiritually, emotionally and relationally to experience change in your financial circumstances(and those whom God brings into your sphere of influence) through the Power of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of the Mentorship Members.

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The Better Banking Course

The Better Banking Course is a 4-Part Series taught through webinars, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and the Better Banking workbook and reference guide.

The complete package of training and ongoing reference material provides key financial basics as it guides you with practical examples, background information and templates  to set up essential money systems like bank accounts, credit facilities, insurance products, and investment vehicles to support a foundation for increasing and sustainable wealth. 

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The MoneyMinding System!

The MoneyMinding methodology was created to empower, educate, equip, encourage, and effectively lead people into a deeper relationship with Jesus and with each other through finances! This is not dependent on age, financial situation, or geography.



  1. Connect with your Purpose
  2. Clarify your Vision
  3. Identify your Seeds



  1. Implement Systems
  2. Form intentional Habits
  3. Surround Yourself with Supportive People



  1. Maximize efficiency with your Current Income
  2. Remove and Minimize Obstacles
  3. Leverage Strategically


Harvest & Increase

  1. Create Sustainable Income
  2. Plan to Grow Assets
  3. Pursue Exponential Opportunities

MoneyMinding Foundations


Financial decision-making isn’t just what you know, but who you know because none of us have all the answers, we all have different life circumstances and purposes and the world of money is constantly changing; what worked last year or for someone else isn’t likely going to work next year or for the next person.

Material wealth is relative

The concepts have been successfully taught and implemented by ultra-high net worth families and business owners as well as ‘at-risk’ street youth and young children from a variety of nations. 

Financial Professionals are Key

BUT, financial professionals have been taught by the world’s system, which is their only frame of reference. Christian financial professionals will understand both systems, but don’t have the training or methods to connect the two. MoneyMinding is for both users of financial products AND the professionals who sell and service them!

Poverty is The Result of Limitations

As soon as finances are viewed or treated as a scarce resource to be managed effectively, poverty results. This leads to reduced creativity, inspiration, motivation, freedoms and opportunities. The consequence is increased attempts at fulfillment in other ways such as entertainment, drug and alcohol use, sex, food, spending, etc. and result in overall moral decay. These lead to instability and higher costs and the modern day equivalent of making more bricks with less straw results!

Meet the Founder

Sam Piercy holds a Certified Financial Planner designation, and has focused her career on educating and consulting in areas of financial effectiveness. After a full career working with high net-worth clients, managing multi-million dollar accounts, and developing financial courses and content, God placed her on a path to share His truth regarding finances. Through her own family’s financial crisis, the MoneyMinding Methods took on new meaning as Jesus revealed Himself through their situation. Learning to trust God in matters of money by the Power of the Holy Spirit to break free from the bondage of everyday finance is now her testimony  and passion that is transforming financial realities for others everywhere! 

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