7 Year Cycles… Is there Something to it?

7 is a number symbolic of perfection. In the bible we read that God created everything in 7 days and in the book of Genesis we read about 7 year business cycles in the account of Joseph and the Egyptians. In fact, throughout the entire Old and New Testament there are many references to 7’s in the context of finance and blessings (or not).

In recent history we have seen magnificent economic crashes in cycles of 7 years. In the fall of 2001 was the attack on the World Trade Centres and in the fall of 2008 was the beginning of the worldwide credit crisis for example.

In my previous MoneyMinding business, 7 years ago this week was the peak of excitement for people involved in programs at that time. I had started delivering 3-day workshops and training on the principles and strategies of my popular MoneyMinding Makeover course. Within a few short months people from all over North America had paid $2500 to attend this program following the incredible results of a group of participants who took the principles literally and formed a consortium to create ‘real money’ from the workshop exercises.

The concept for this was later adapted for individuals and a program called ‘Project M’ evolved to provide training, coaching, networking and support to help participants start with minimal money to create a sustainable foundation within a year. That program produced some millionaires as well as changed lives in the process. The problem was that both of these programs were expensive (Project M was $10,000 or $1000 per month times 12 months)

It doesn’t matter where you are today, or what your current financial situation is. If you genuinely desire to realize different financial results in your life than you’ve received in the past, we can work together based on your current cash situation. If you have $100 we’ll do something for $100. If you have $1000 we’ll do something for $1000. If you have $10,000 then we’ll do something for $10,000 and so on. Whatever your situation is, we’ll work within those parameters.

It’s called ‘MoneyMinding Consulting’ and its purpose is to unleash God’s blessings in your life today and beyond!

Send me an email, if you’re interested and from there I will send you an application form and arrange a discussion.

Abundant blessings,

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