A Time of Transition

You haven’t heard from me for a while.  If you’ve been following me and / or financial grace for some time then you might remember that my last message was titled ‘A Mighty Move of God’.  When God moves in your life in mighty ways, you know it and it’s pointless to try to do anything other than press harder into Him.

Perhaps you sense God moving in your life.  How do you know?  Simple.  He always is, but often we get too caught up being busy to stop and listen to what He’s trying to say to us in the busy-ness.  My expertise is in finance, so I notice how activity and ‘obligations’ can mask God’s call to ‘stop or slow down’.  The rationale is always something similar to, ‘but the bills need to be paid’; or ‘no one else is going to do it’.

Yes, but…The continuous pursuit of activities and work that take more and more time and energy to maintain are not sustainable and not God’s plan.  Yes, we need to work.  He knows that.  But working and working in order to find a way out of the ‘rat race’ doesn’t help you to live in His plans for your life today.  Proverbs 10:22 says, “The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it”.  Painful toil can take many forms.  And this isn’t to say that you’re going to love every aspect of your work, but the type of painful toil I see and have experienced is the type where you’re doing something that is not producing ‘fruit’ and is causing you to give up other areas of your life that do produce ‘fruit’ such as time to enjoy friends, family, hobbies, and activities that ‘feed your soul’.

In my experience, this ‘painful toil’ is the constant pursuit of something that will make some sort of perceived ‘financial pain’ go away.

What does this have to do with me not communicating for a few weeks?

When you actually do ‘stop’ and only go where the Lord leads you, your life completely takes on a new meaning.  What does it look like to only go where the Lord leads?  It’s where He provides inspiration, open doors in terms of phone calls, emails and invitations.  It’s also where he closes doors in terms of disappointments, delays, and ‘painful toil’ otherwise know as struggle.

This doesn’t mean that we are to sit and wait for opportunities to land in our lap; it means that He will provide the inspiration, knowledge, wisdom, resources, contacts, encouragement, strength, time, etc. for you to pick up the phone or create, build or acquire the thing that will produce Godly fruit in your life.  If necessary, He will also provide the means to stop something that’s not working as well.  His leading will align the details of your life with the plans He has for your life (see Jeremiah 29:11).

God’s bold move in the life of our family created a radical change in the spiritual climate of our life.  Actually, we did some radical spiritual ‘work’ first by seeking Him with all our heart and all our soul; by repenting of self-effort; and claiming our authority as His children. This total surrender enabled the bold move of God to blaze forth in all His glory, which has continued to strengthen and encourage us in ways we hadn’t experienced before. To me, it seems like an invisible wall opens and closes enabling me to either walk in one direction or another.  I’m sure this has always been the case, but many times I have pushed through it because of some sort of fear or sense of ‘gotta make something happen’. This wall influences when I sit at the computer; who and when I pick up the phone to talk with; what I wear; and most important what I think and do on an almost minute by minute basis.  I’m writing and sending this message now because it has been put on my heart to communicate with my online followers.

Does this mean that I’m basically taking a holiday and will only communicate and work when I ‘feel like it’?  No.  It means that God has made it very clear which direction He wants my life to go.  That is to be completely surrendered to Him for ALL areas of life, especially work which also means money.  Without having to go ‘beat down doors’ I have been incredibly blessed with some amazing people to work with on some financial consulting for individuals, advisors and church leaders.  I have been setting up some BYOBank plans for some people and I have even had success breaking out of my self-imposed rules of having to do official work between the hours of 9 – 5.

God has shown (is showing) me where He wants me to work and who He wants me to work with.  As I know He does for all His children.  During this time that I’m referring to as ‘transition time’ I have personally pulled back on scheduling activities too rigidly.  There are many family and life issues to be dealt with and striving to ‘make things happen’ isn’t His plans for me or for you.  It is too easy to fool ourselves into thinking we have to ‘do something’ in order to be responsible people.  What we have to DO are the things as and when the spirit leads.  He will lead us to be prompt and responsible with our obligations to people and our finances.  It will never be His plan to have us dig our head in the sand and pretend that money stuff doesn’t need to be dealt with, just like it will never be His plan to have us push aside time with Him and with others to chase after finances.

Perhaps, He’s been trying to get your attention too.  If so, I encourage you to set aside your ‘shoulds’ and preconceived ideas about what ‘you need to do’ and instead seek Him; not just for answers, but to know Him.  As you do, He will speak to you and you will find Him.  When you find Him, you will also find that He provides so much more than simply an answer to your question (see Jeremiah 29:13 and Matthew 7:7).

And so, I might not be as regular with my online communications during this time of transition in my life, but I assure you I am here and will answer phone calls and emails and am very excited to see where and how the Lord is leading me with financial grace!

Abundant blessings to you and looking forward to sharing more soon!


PS.  In case you missed it, the summary of the Mighty Move of God, I’m referring to is how my husband, Joe, and I sought the Lord for guidance during a 10 day time of prayer and fasting. On the final day of our fast (a Sunday) we both felt Him saying to ‘sell the house’. We called the realtor on Monday; it was listed on Tuesday’ an hour later there was a request for a showing within 45 minutes. There was no time to even properly clean and prepare the house, but we had prayed for a quick sale and perfect buyers who would love the house as we did, and who would fit in with our fabulous neighbors. These people are bought the house for a price and terms right in the middle of what we were hoping for.  Our time of transition is now packing up our home of 11 years and waiting to see where and how the Lord will lead us next.  Stay tuned :).





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