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My name is Sam. Sam is short for Tracy as you'll hear and read about in my testimony. People around the globe have read my material to learn how to integrate the psychology of success with financial systems to live an abundant life. That means automating finances, earning more money, pursuing a personal business, investing in real estate, stocks or other financial vehicles.

In short, mastering the spiritual, intellectual, and practical aspects of money with personal, purposeful, strategies to fulfill God-inspired dreams and goals beyond what you might currently think possible!

The approach with MoneyMinding is very different from other financial ‘experts’...

I have repeatedly seen how limiting resources fuels scarcity and a long term  dependency on money – rather than God. But obviously, you can’t spend what you don’t have. My walk with God has shown me how to implement systems based on His plan for abundance, sustainability, and relationships. These systems create immediate income capable of realizing any God-sized dream – even ones you have forgotten or hidden away for ‘someday.

The MoneyMinding Method deals head-on with the mindset that leads to debt, lack, uncertainty, and resentment, especially as this mindset relates to debt. The MoneyMinding Method has been proven again and again to be successful in breaking the strongholds that limit the potential for God’s people to live in abundance, personally and then as this abundance overflows into their communities.

I am a prolific author and passionate teacher, counselor, coach, mentor, support and visionary. I aim to make as much available for free as possible, so the Holy Spirit can work through the rubble to restore the wealth of God’s elect. He will gather His people together to learn, share and grow to heights of financial rewards beyond what’s ‘realistic’ by the world’s standards as connect communities of faith through finances!

My background is conventional finance.

I ran a successful investment practice; I taught the financial curriculum for advisors; I consulted with regulators and financial institutions; I published books, appeared on national radio and TV and my articles and tips were distributed around the world – in my corporate life,  all authored under my legal name, Tracy.

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But, ... my business and personal life changed forever in 2011.

On Tuesday, June 14, 2011, God interrupted a plan that, it turns out was a set up for someone to commit fraud at my expense. The situation was devastating. But the refining process that has taken place in the aftermath gives me unique insight into the world of money and the Word about money. I have been writing and teaching as Sam since 2013 when God first began to work in my heart to bring this message to His people. 

Today, I am a board member and licensed with the Canadian Christian Ministers Association, and my husband Joe and I are developing a retreat and ministry centre with Victory Churches and Bible College at 'The Church House' where we live.

I’m an open book and strive to not just talk about this stuff, but to live it authentically.


I have mountains of valuable material available for download to guide transformation.

I provide training for ministry leaders, financial professionals and anyone who desires to strengthen or renew their relationship with Jesus Christ through their day-to-day financial life. 

I do this because we have lived it personally and through others I've worked with professionally.

I know, and my team knows, that financial transformation requires more than new knowledge, or a new 'guru'. It requires relationship - with Jesus and like-minded, supportive others!


MoneyMinding began while I was still managing millions of dollars in client investment funds at one of Canada’s largest brokerage houses. I didn’t know it at the time, but God was revealing to me secrets about why many of my wealthiest clients still struggled with financial stress and the fear of not having enough.

I had an opportunity to sell my successful practice to turn to teaching and writing. And I did – until I got wrapped up in a painful tax reassessment and railroaded into bankruptcy despite everything being ‘all good.’ Recovery from this experience is how a collection of financial exercises became a system. Using this system, my husband, Joe, and I were able to purchase a home in a ‘hot’ real estate market with no money down, bad credit and new, self-employed income.

I thought I knew a lot about money from my training and teaching until we had to learn the ‘street smart’ strategies to navigate the world of credit to realize our immediate goal at the time – recovery!

This process toward recovery involved 2 ‘risky’ activities: writing a very clear goal, and swallowing my pride to admit I ‘used to have a lot of money’ but didn’t anymore. It was then that I realized how the seemingly good advice of many well-intentioned financial advisors actually fed unbelief, doubt, and condemnation. Their advice to cut back and save more, made little sense when, as it was, we barely had anything to our names as.

You can’t manage money unless you first earn it. And to earn it fast, you have to do what ‘they’ do, not what they say. 


Budgets reinforce lack on a micro level – like any of us want more restriction and condemnation about how we’re poor money managers and ‘can’t manage money.’ The way budgeting is normally taught is only 1/2 the story.

If everyone were to stop spending to get out of debt, businesses would lose money, and people would be laid off so they’d have less money to spend and we’d all be worse off than we already are.

Who’s thinking about retirement when you’re trying to get ahead of the month. And besides, planning to be less productive with less money isn’t very inspiring! Building or acquiring assets that produce immediate, sustainable income to support your lifestyle expenses and Godly purpose is the objective!

It didn’t make sense that God wanted us to live with financial limitations and to be content being good stewards of the money to which we had access.

I knew there was a better way to live an abundant life God’s way. But the idea of ‘how’ kept me searching for strategies and spinning my head trying to find the right solution for me/us, while also continuing to keep the bills paid.

There had to be a way to live abundantly – not just financially, but in all aspects of life. Through all the stress, our marriage sure took a beating. We wanted to live and exhibit success in work, relationships, health, emotions, and in our spiritual life.

The answers I’ve found aren’t just in strategy (although that’s important).

They’re not found in knowledge (although that’s important too).

They are found IN the Word of God (but not the way the world has taught us to implement biblical principles)!

The answers lie in the connection between both systems – in learning to use the world’s tools with the mindset and strategies of the Word of God.

The answers are what all MoneyMinding courses, books, workshops and training demonstrate. A foundational change in how you think about money has the profound ability to produce an almost immediate paradigm shift in your financial results. As the Holy Spirit is released into our life, ‘treasures stored in secret places’ can be revealed and will light up the dark corners of unsuspecting worldly thinking.

"Learn to Trust God with Money."


The revelations God has shown me about how to see the world of money we live in from God’s perspective has been revolutionary – for my family and for more people than I can count. We have experienced the profound realization that seemingly good advice about earning, saving, spending, debt, and even estate planning are actually sabotaging God’s desire for us ALL to walk in His Blessings! 


The answers are what the MoneyMinding courses, books, workshops and training demonstrate. A foundational change in how you think about money has the profound ability to produce an almost immediate paradigm shift in your financial results. As the Holy Spirit is released into our life, ‘treasures stored in secret places’ can be revealed and will light up the dark corners of unsuspecting worldly thinking.

"More Than Time and Money"

A Life Transformed by God through Finances

You can read my written testimony in my ebook, The Proverbs 1022 Prayer Strategy for Financial Increase, where I'll take you through my life as a Financial Professional and the path God has taken me and my family on to share His vision for Christians and their finances!
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I have worked with people from all walks of life and geographic regions: at risk street youth, married, single, employed, business owner, retired, drowning in debt to multi-multi-millionaire! 

Some of the greatest minds on wealth accumulation, economics, and entrepreneurship have tried and tested my material which stands above the same financial message we've all heard for too many years!


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