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Sam Piercy holds a Certified Financial Planner designation and offers private, couples and leadership Christian prayer, practical and professional counselling services on a fee basis. After a full career of working with many high net worth clients, managing multi-million dollar accounts, and developing financial based courses and content, God placed her on a path to share His truth regarding finances. She has continued to follow Him despite set-backs, struggles and pressure to follow the ‘get a good job, and ‘follow the crowd’ advice of many of her peers. Many lives have been transformed as a result of persevering against convention to demonstrate ‘how’ to connect God and Money today through Jesus. Her expertise bridges a gap between the blessings and abundance of the Word of God, and the world’s system that feeds limitations and teaches how to serve money – not God. 

Her methods are uniquely positioned with practical, prayerful and proven methods to help navigate the financial realities of our credit based systems and her passion is to raise up Christian leaders and financial professionals to build a thriving network of financially effective believers using Kingdom money, for Kingdom purposes!

Sam writes about her testimony of striving for financial success, then losing material wealth twice, once in a bankruptcy shortly after accepting Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. The second loss included more than financial loss, but was the catalyst for letting go of religious and world mindsets about what we ‘should’ do financially, and instead focus on a relationship with God through His son, Jesus to guide the financial decisions within the world’s financial systems.

‘Are you rich?’ is a question Sam is often asked. The answer is actually an indication of a wrong focus; on material wealth as an indication of something of value to follow. The reality is that what worked in the past is not likely going to work in the future. We have to understand the basics and have a system of decision-making, within a community of like-minded believers to be able to connect the Word of God in the world we live in today, regardless of:

  • how old or young you are
  • how much money you have or don’t have
  • where you live in the world

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