Unlock Riches Stored in Secret Places of Out-Dated Financial Thinking!
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You will learn how our conventional financial thinking fuels poverty ~ And how you can build increase instead, with everyday financial tools, like banking, credit, insurance, savings, investing, tax, real estate, and more...

​​​​​​​You will understand how transforming your knowledge of every-day financial systems will break patterns of the world's financial mindset and how you can build wealth and realize dreams beyond what you can currently ask or think possible.

​​​​​​​You will discover opportunities to live generously that already exist in your life - for yourself, your family, community and future generations!
What if a fresh perspective on money was the answer to the question you didn't even know how to ask?
​​​​​​​Did you know...

Interest rates are important, but how they’re calculated is more important.
Retirement savings is a financial impossibility.
Cash value life insurance is your safest, most flexible asset.
Credit cards are the most important financial tool today.
Immediate tax savings is a set up for long term tax liability.
Wealth is created by owning assets, not selling them.
Saving money is important, but not so you can consume your savings and start over every time.
Budgets are not restrictive unless you leave out the connection to build a cash flow model to meet any short term personal or business project.
The 'Better Banking' paradigm of financial thinking demonstrates 'HOW' to connect God's Word on finance, with the everyday financial products to multiply opportunities beyond what conventional teaching produces!
This is an educational event. There are no product or business sales attached to the agenda. Better Banking Live Events are free, through your kind donations!

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Saturday, October 27th (10AM - 5PM)
Chilliwack Victory Church
 9525 College St. Chilliwack, BC

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Poverty or Prosperity
If you try to apply the Biblical Truths of Blessing and Prosperity to the financial mindset and strategies of the world's system you will find emptiness, confusion, bitterness, uncertainty, guilt, and lack!
Lack is poverty. It means something in limited. In the financial world, it's not just limited funds; it's limited knowledge, confidence, and wrong beliefs about how to be wise with money.  This mindset is reinforced every time you reach for your wallet to make a purchase - or not.
Most common money beliefs decrease financial power and give it to financial institutions who create debt that lulls us into thinking we're doing ok because of the perceived prosperity the debt created. But you can break this pattern today by using the financial tools the same way the banks do.

Unlocking the 'treasures stored in secret places' to transfer the 'wealth from the wicked' is within the grasp of everyone today - when you understand the mindset required to use the world's money system to stand on the Word of God - not the other way around!

Meet Your Instructor!
Sam Piercy, CFP
I am the author and founder of the of the MoneyMinding for Financial Grace Method and Materials. I have a professional finance background, but devote my time to training, speaking, writing and counselling clients, ministry leaders, and Christian Financial Professionals on financial systems to build and protect income for today and future generations! My passion and gifting is to facilitate the release of financial possibilities beyond what you can ask or think according to the Power of God at work in and through your life!
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Better Banking will give you inspirational, practical, and ‘street-smart’ strategies!
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