How to Biblically Leverage Opportunities

In the financial world, the idea of leveraging assets has been labeled as a risky strategy.  Here’s why:  our current money system emphasizes a model of self-sufficiency and saving a big amount for retirement so when you’re older you will be able to downsize assets to support an ‘after work’ lifestyle. Right here this plan does not align with God’s Word, yet the biblical money teaching that is prominent in the church today still supports this mindset of managing money effectively so you have enough to support yourself.  As I have shared repeatedly, this fuels fear, doubt and scarcity.  It also reinforces a poverty mindset that enables the current credit-based monetary policy to enslave the people.

This current system isolates and creates division between those with money and those without.  This also sets the stage for many middle-income people attempt to either catapult themselves into a wealthy state or regain a sense of financial freedom by engaging in all manner of schemes to pursue wealth.  For some people it also sets the stage for a resignation of living life of unfulfilled dreams and justification of circumstances to avoid ‘risking’ failure or disappointment.

One of the strategies I see often is leveraging money to try to increase rate of return and grow the ‘pot’ of money bigger and faster.  Another strategy is chasing after home-business models because they offer good potential financial rewards, even though the products and strategies don’t connect with someone’s personal interests and skills.  Just because something has worked well for someone else it does not mean that everyone should or could experience the same results.

Earning good returns on your assets is important.  Earning a good income is important.  Managing money is important.  But, your relationship with God and with others is always first.  The Kingdom approach to finances is always about purpose, passion and plenty.  In order to accomplish this in real life today, your mindset has to be about how you can leverage everything God has given you (money, assets, time, relationships, skills, experience, passion, expertise, etc.) to use your current income to plant seeds to produce more current income.  It’s the current income that fuels increase.  Not, taking money from your current income and putting it on deposit so you can grow it into a big pot of money later in life.  When you do this, your current contribution to the economy around you is reduced.  Financial institutions then provide loans to fuel spending.

There is a lot to know about how our economy works monetarily, so for most people understanding how the concept of sustainable leveraging is actually a low risk strategy, with high potential rewards, and lines up with a biblical model for wealth creation and financial management is a process of renewing your mind towards abundance and increase, and away from fear, doubt, accumulation and decrease.

I will shares some specific examples for what this concept looks like in real-life in upcoming messages and webinars.  There are qualifications and parameters to consider and information to know in order to implement this kind of concept into your own life, but the first step is always to see the possibilities and to open your mind to allow Holy Spirit to renew your thinking toward leveraging financial increase with small the ‘seeds’ God gives to each of us.

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