Breaking Through Money Myths

Do not be carried away by varied and strange teachings; for it is good for the heart to be strengthened by grace,

I recently wrote another book – 23 pages on the top Money Myths that sabotage financial grace.

I shared this with our daughter in University who promptly replied that she could ‘never do that’! To that I responded, ‘never say never’ and ‘pay attention to your words because they have Power’.

Yesterday the daily devotional tip from Kenneth Copeland Ministries said this:

“You are the only one who can decide if you will get into agreement with God about your situation. You are perched precariously between victory and defeat. You’re the deciding witness.

On one side of you is the word of the world authored by Satan that says, ‘you’re not going to get healed [or get ahead, or whatever the situation is]’. On the other side of you, the Word of God is saying, ‘My Word is Yea and Amen,’ and ‘By His stripes, ye were healed.’ You are the one who will decide how it turns out. Pray and establish your witness! That’s your part. If you’ll do it, God will back you with His Word!” (Matthew 18:16 is the scripture reference for this devotion).

To be fair to my daughter’s comment, I was updating something I had prepared for financial professionals that was used to help them explain to their clients, the process of financial planning we MoneyMinding.  I have been reviewing my library of previous articles, tips, courses, reports and other financial training tools in light of some things Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about financial grace.

First, the result of applying the concepts to connect the Word of God with the world of money is what today I call ‘financial grace’.

The process to getting there is the same as it was when God first birthed the concepts to me in around 1997. That process became known as MoneyMinding and will continue to be called the MoneyMinding Method.

The difference today is the Power that is created by connecting the Word of God with the world of money through a sequential process of learning and applying practical information in ‘real-life’.

​​​​​​​The Power comes from establishing and strengthening your relationship with Christ Jesus first. From that position, the Power of Holy Spirit in your life can direct the education and strategies and connect you with people, ideas and plans so His purposes for your life through finances will become known and realized!

Financial grace is the result of bringing God into your money situation, whatever that might be.

Transformation happens through awareness of limiting beliefs, habits and strongholds that sabotage results because of financial teaching that has become the commonly accepted ‘best way’ to do things. For some people a subtle shift in perspective is the key to ignite dramatic and sometimes almost immediate results.

For others, the revelation is slower and more gradual as the combination of financial training, strategies and spiritual strengthening is required.

Abundant blessings,


PS – If you’re following along, you’ll likely see some progression in the materials and programs coming together. This is called ‘funnel’ development. It’s part of automating and systematizing business development. I have known about these concepts for years through my marketing and business training from people like Michael Gerber, Robert Allen, Alex Mandossian , Jay Abraham, Janet Switzer, Steve Harrison, and others.

Many people will tell me they ‘can’t’ sell, they ‘can’t’ do technology, or they ‘can’t’ understand business and finance.

Those are thoughts and words that need to be rebuked because new and different skills might not be your strength, but you can watch and learn and ask God to reveal strategies for who and how He would have you move through areas that right now you might perceive to be roadblocks.

I will tell you that if you compare yourself to someone else you will always come up short. If you learn from others you will always be able to take that knowledge to God for revelation about what He would have you do with the information.

The Word of God is always our foundation for testing what we learn in the world and how it applies to our own personal, unique situations. You can experience different results from what you have in the past or what you might think is realistic for the future – it is a progression (a funnel so to speak) where you take one step at a time, take every thought captive and let God go before you to open the doors He wants open and to close the ones that can lead you astray.

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