Uncovering Financial Breakthrough -Top Biblical Strategies for Results Today
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You Don’t Need to 'Wonder' About What You Could Do Better

It’s no secret that finances are one of the most overwhelming subjects people deal with every day. There is no denying that money brings up a lot of deep-rooted emotions and strong beliefs.

But what if God's Word held the secrets to applying the financial tools available today to unlock God’s blessings for prospering in all areas of life – not just finances?

Whether you’re managing debt, or investments or both, the same biblical strategies apply.

The key is to sift through the clutter to find out exactly what you’re doing well and what you can do to improve, so God can ill the gap where feelings of lack and messages of fear are attempting to control your decisions.

God wants all His children to live abundantly - whatever that is for you to fulfill the purposes He has for your life!

“Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you.” ~ Job 22:21

We're all on a journey of financial discovery and knowing how God wants you to prosper financially is challenging.

MoneyMinding is on a mission to educate, empower, and equip you with the tools you need to bring Jesus into every area of your finances – every day!

We want to help you along your journey.

The problem is that most Christians haven’t received direct teaching on finances or if they have, they've heard biblical principles, or kingdom concepts and are still left to get day-to-day advice from world-trained financial advisors – or no training at all – just trial and error.

We know how easy overwhelm or anxiety about making decisions can impact your decisions about God, money, and personal finance strategies. But we’ve seen firsthand how a simple idea can turn into profound revelation to produce dramatic results.

Our founder has 30+ years of professional finance experience, but more importantly her salvation experience and walk with God has come through finances. She and her husband have walked through financial crisis together, with a persistent search for answers.

This is how we know that the MoneyMinding Methods provide the God-inspired solutions with proven, practical tips for connecting with God so He can uncover the strategies in your life, for Him to bring your breakthrough!

Your Quick Summary
Revealing the Top 30 Slips & Tips

This simple, concise summary of the top 'slips' and 'tips' for Uncovering Financial Breakthrough is a powerful guide as a first step, or ongoing support to become an example God’s goodness, encouraging others to seek Him in their financial lives as well.

Biblically based, professionally supported and personally proven, this list was compiled from years of experience, to give you a snapshot of where God would be leading you to uncover your financial breakthrough—and what to avoid along the way!

With Uncovering Financial Breakthrough, you get Kingdom strategies to focus on God's direction for your life instead of following every “great opportunity” or navigating each crisis with someone else’s opinions or worldly advice.

Like all MoneyMinding resources, Uncovering Financial Breakthrough is designed to encourage your personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, for Him to lead you to results without fear or condemnation.

We developed this resource as our gift to you. Uncovering Financial Breakthrough is FREE to download, so you can begin today to see where you God will lead you to align your finances for Him to multiply for His Kingdom purposes!

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3. Prayerfully consider the areas where God is leading you. 

We encourage you to consider printing this resource so you can write on it. Highlight items to eliminate or change, and note those you need to add or pay special attention to. Keep a copy in your Bible and another where you deal with your finances.


Using this resource, you can determine what you’re doing well and identify opportunities for improvement, bringing God into your finances so He can reveal for you to add, remove or modify in your life for Him to bring your breakthrough to new levels of prosperity!

Stop trying to do money on your own understanding.

Start with your quick summary of the TOP 30 Tips and Slips so you can begin applying them today!

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