Living in a World of Assurances

Our financial system rewards people who have jobs by providing easier access to credit and paid benefits. This will often keep people in that environment because their lifestyle depends on the paycheque and benefits they receive from their job. It also predisposes someone to looking within this environment for financial solutions and strategies to meet goals and solve current situations. For example, if you work for a business that provides you with a regular paycheque the banking industry will ask to see your latest paycheque in qualifying you for a loan, mortgage or credit card. The owner of the business who employs you, however, will have to produce a few years of tax returns and have their financials assessed at a higher level before they will be granted credit.

For this reason, many people consider business to be risky; and it can be. But as an employee your livelihood and financial life is dependent on someone else’s ability to manage that risk, and sometimes without the same access to financial support as the people they employ. That seems risky to many people too. An entrepreneurial spirit, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a business in order to think like a business owner. Business / entrepreneurial concepts such as multiplying effort, cost/benefit analysis, breakeven point, leveraging resources, inventory turnover, financial modelling, and creative financial problem solving are applicable for everyone and create opportunities for everyone willing to face a poverty mindset and explore additional options.

Holy Spirit will lead everyone to opportunities to live out the life that God has planned for you – as long as you’re open to listening to Him speak to you outside of the current perceived limitations of money you think are impacting your life. Ultimately it is He who will provide you with the answers to the ‘how` questions.

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