Can you find $1000 in 24 hours?

Can you find $1000 in 24 hours?

If the title of this message causes you to question what I’m talking about – please read on…

Lately I seem to have been introduced to professionals grappling with the possibility of serious DOWNSIZING their assets, or possibly their only hope is BANKRUPTCY to deal with debt that seems never ending.

Not one has needed to do either after considering a new perspective on possibilities to increase their finances and coming face-to-face with the values and beliefs they held around money.

They needed to reorganize their current financial systems to unlock treasures already available to them!

Will you join me/us in helping others find possibilities they don’t realize are available to them right now?

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Sometimes the results might be evident in several years as was the case with a 70-YEAR OLD WIDOW who learned that instead of consuming a $10,000 retirement savings plan, she could turn it into $30,000 in 7 years and also fund cash value insurance plans for her GRANDCHILDREN.

Another COUPLE IN THEIR MID-50’S learned how to shuffle their finances to get the equity in their home working to provide tax-deductible immediate income while also reducing their investment risk. This shuffle created a situation for an extra $150,000 in 10 years – without impacting their current cash flow – they had NO cutting back, NO additional savings, NO gimmicks – just REPURPOSING what they already had in place!

  • If you look at your bank account and see it running out…
  • If you look at your available credit and see it maxing out…
  • If you allow any thought of lack of money to enter your thinking, you miss the opportunities that exist all around.

Recently someone shared how a bankruptcy counselor told them they would MAYBE be able to keep their house, but they’d have to sell their car and have a cheaper one because it was outside of the values allowed.

Bankruptcy for this 45-YEAR OLD would have meant SAVING about $750 a month in debt payments and getting rid of about $50,000 debt, but it also would have meant losing access to almost $50,000 worth of credit and living with 8 years of limited financial resources. This was someone who was recovering from a serious illness and just beginning a NEW CAREER.

In this situation, a review of their financial details revealed that $1400 was recovered immediately and another $2400 saved in the first year. A shift in perspective meant a first-year savings of $3400 and freedom to pursue the new career! Plus, the shuffle meant opportunities to build income generating investments from available equity. We call this ‘manufacturing’ money.

If it sounds like this must involve some kind of funky strategy or high risk something or other; that it’s not possible in your situation, that is your FIRST CLUE that perhaps there might be a mindset that could benefit from a journey through the Faith for Finances Program.

It might look like you and everyone around you is doing ‘ok’, but the question is, compared COMPARED TO WHO?

We can all benefit from fresh insights and ideas in finance.

Will you consider going through the program yourself, or even better, hosting a group of people to walk through the questions together to see what kind of possibilities God reveals in the process?

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Many Blessings ~ Sam

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None of us really know what the financial reality is for the people we know. Someone’s life can be radically changed by the Power of the Holy Spirit working through their finances. 
The biggest challenge we all face is how the enemy has intimidated us into not talking about money and being concerned about what people might think.Thank you for your support!

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