‘Can’t Afford It’ Won’t Raise Healthy Kids

Here’s a testimony of what can happen when you come against an impossible situation and refuse to give up:

The same week that God interrupted my previous business, was the same week our daughter reached the goal she set at the beginning of the year to compete at the National Track and Field Championships.

This story proved that money (or lack of it) isn’t a reason to give up on your dream.

Unfortunately, ‘I can’t do that because…’ or ‘I can’t afford that’ is creating an overweight, unhealthy society – but it doesn’t need to be that way. This was the press release on the situation:

A young local track athlete is committed to making sure finances don’t stop her or other kids from reaching their goals!!

Jordyn Piercy is a 14 year old who holds the Vancouver Island record for 300 meter hurdles and a couple silver medals and some bronzes at the provincial level. Her goal was to attend the Youth National Track and Field Championships in Ottawa last weekend. Her event times qualified her for the meet and her track club, The Victoria Track and Field Club, paid her entry fees, but to compete she had to fund her way to the event. Those costs with air fare and accommodation were over $1500 – a significant amount for a young athlete, and for most families.

When you’re committed to doing something you look for solutions, which is exactly what Jordyn did. Her options included:
 The ‘bank of mom and dad’ (nope)
 Get a job and save money (for 3 weeks?)
 ‘I can’t afford it’ and give up on her dream, or…
 Find a way to create win / win /win opportunities to help herself and others reach their goals.

Typically Jordyn competes against others who are a year older than herself because of the way birthdays fall and track and field is organized. Yet that hasn’t stopped her from setting her goals high and doing whatever is required to come out on top. She reached out to others in the community who support health and fitness to raise funds like professional athletes do, and within 3 weeks reached her financial goal. She was able to compete at Nationals and come home with a 7th overall in 200 metre hurdles and a 12th place finish in 80 metre hurdles.

Because she is committed to a career in health and fitness and to helping others live healthy, active lives, a portion of all she raises for her training and competitions is going towards helping kids participate in sports and live healthy active lives. Her charity of choice is The Good Life Kids Foundation.

Unfortunately too many kids miss out on sports because of the ‘I can’t afford it syndrome’ and Jordyn working with others in the community is helping change that reality.

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