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Are You Ready for Faith for Finances?

The subject of this message is a real question? Are you ready? Or do you want to see ‘how’ the process works before you make a commitment? The overwhelming majority of questions I receive on a regular basis are from people asking about ‘how will they earn money?’

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How Does God Bring A Financial Miracle?

The foundation for a financial miracle requires a new mindset to receive financial blessings. It’s a miracle that transforms limited worldview money management thinking, to God’s perspective that creates possibilities, and strategies to bridge the gap.

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Talking About Money for Christian Leaders

Money is the lifeblood of any church or ministry. Some pastors and leaders have discovered that having a clear understanding of what God says about money in his Word is liberating and takes the pressure off them. But, there is still the ever-changing, complex world of money that impacts everyone's day-to-day financial lives.

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Complete Change

Do you believe God can change your finances in an instant? If you believe for God to provide, then how about God providing super-abundance? Or does that sound 'greedy'? What you believe about money is a reflection of what you believe about God. Faith for Finances is a journey of transformation capable of 'complete change' as you seek God for 1000x more!

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