Feeling Complete in Your Finances

The word ‘complete’ is defined as “having all the necessary or appropriate parts; having run its full course; finished; finish making or doing; make (something) whole or perfect”.

Have you ever considered the implications of the ‘incompletes’ in your life?  Many years ago as a baby Christian I was praying to the Lord for answers on the general direction of my life and distinctly remember hearing Him say, ‘complete’.  I then immediately asked Him, “What He wanted me to complete?”  This conversation went on for years until I finally realized that in Him everything is complete.  He is complete and anything other than that is secondary to our experiences of life.

What I learned in the process, however, was how ‘incompletes’ can come between us and His best for our life. For our financial lives, the presence of ‘incompletes’ creates a behaviour pattern that impacts your decisions and your overall results.  Why?  Because unfinished projects are like unrealized small dreams.  Even day-to-day incompletes such as household chores create clutter because they require time and energy to take care of before we can tackle larger projects or activities.  Any task is really a component of a larger vision for how you believe God wants you to live your life. If you aren’t able to keep up with household chores because ‘you are too busy’ then the busyness is robbing you of peace, order, harmony, simplicity and your ability to walk in the leading of Holy Spirit.

How do I know?  Because it’s easier to relax on vacation or at someone else’s house than it can be at home sometimes.  This is because we don’t notice incompletes and projects that we have attend to when we’re away from home.  In Matthew 11:28 Jesus tells us to come to him, all you who are weary and burdened, and he will give us rest.

Many people end up with a mindset that says, “when I’m not working then I’ll do such and such.”  Or, “I have to do it myself because I can’t afford to hire someone, or replace what I have.”  “If only I had more time, or more money” becomes a way of thinking so that how much money you have determines your lifestyle.  Incomplete dreams and visions ultimately become a way of life and because money is the tool that seems to dictate what you can or cannot do, many people end up living a life of incompletes, or a life of chasing money in hope of having the money fulfill their incomplete dreams and desires.

Even something as simple as the laundry is a task that needs to be handled.  If it’s left undone, then it adds an element of stress while you search for matching socks or unwrinkled pants as you go darting off to work or some other function that’s competing for your time.  This seemingly insignificant stress can become a way of life that keeps you from living in God’s presence.

If your schedule is so booked that there isn’t time to complete the household tasks then the enemy has an opportunity to plant seeds of unworthiness, stress, anxiety, frustration, and a whole lot of other negative which isn’t God’s peace and joy.  All the little incompletes add up to create thought and behaviour patterns which make it more difficult to pursue God’s purposes for your life.  If you settle for busyness over completeness then over time the behaviour habits will also negatively impact your self-worth and keep you from realizing your identity in Christ.

The lessons from completing tasks and projects build a foundation to help you to hear and act on His plans and purposes for our life.  There will always be tasks to take care of, but as you move through the day you want to be careful not to adopt a mindset of leaving something undone ‘for now’ because ‘for now’ can turn into days, weeks, months, or even years of incompletes that are laying a foundation that will sabotage the realization of God-inspired dreams.

This week, a great way to begin to experience an immediate shift in your results is to simply make a list of projects and tasks that are undone in your life.  Then prioritize and start completing them one at a time.  As you do, you are reinforcing the realization of smaller dreams in your life which builds a foundation of confidence in Him to step out towards bigger dreams and visions.  When you build a habit of completing the small tasks like opening and attending to paperwork and dishes and laundry and other basic household maintenance, you are reinforcing self-worth, good habits and an environment of peace where it becomes easier to hear and follow His calling for your life.

True confessions:

It’s not much of a mystery that there is a big incomplete in my life in terms of dream that was cut short 5 years ago with the attempted fraud on my business.  Financial Grace, however, is so much more than the original ‘goal’ to reach millions of people with a practical message for financial prosperity.  Financial Grace is the realization of God’s peace and joy and love and forgiveness that is complete regardless of your current financial reality.  The realization of Financial Grace is the realization of God’s blessings which opens the doors to His infinite possibilities and continuous blessings.

My true confessions is that I have lived behind a wall of incompletes.  The lie that I needed help or more money in order to pick up the dream has created a merry-go-round of excitement followed by doubt.  What I have intellectually known is not what He has spoken to my heart through my spirit which is that He doesn’t ask us to come to Him when we have ‘all our ducks lined up’ perfectly.  He wants us to comet to Him just the way we are with what we have and where we are. I know I’d like to have a bigger budget for marketing and publishing and I’d love to have an executive assistant and fancier website, but I know that what He’s given me is an unwavering faith in the vision and the skills and passion to share that message with whomever will listen. The ‘used to have’s’ from my past are the same kind of messages that keep many people stuck in work they don’t like, and doubt that they’ll ever be able to realize the desires they ‘used to have’ in their heart.

What has He gifted to you that is an asset to help complete the tasks He’s laid before you? 

What’s standing between you and completing the tasks you see in front of you? 

Is it money?  Is it time? 

What are the small pieces of a bigger task that you can schedule and work away at given the time and money and skills and resources you currently have available to you?

Jesus’ last words on the cross, ‘it is finished’ were also the last words of Psalm 22 which affirms to us that He knows the anguish of incomplete as well as the joy of complete.  Each time we complete a small, simple task it is an affirmation of His sacrifice for us to come into the fullness of His abundant life (see John 10:10)

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