Core Beliefs ~ MoneyMinding

MoneyMinding Foundations


Financial decision-making isn’t just what you know, but who you know because none of us have all the answers, we all have different life circumstances and purposes and the world of money is constantly changing; what worked last year or for someone else isn’t likely going to work next year or for the next person.

Material wealth is relative

The concepts have been successfully taught and implemented by ultra-high net worth families and business owners as well as ‘at-risk’ street youth and young children from a variety of nations. 

Financial Professionals are Key

BUT, financial professionals have been taught by the world’s system, which is their only frame of reference. Christian financial professionals will understand both systems, but don’t have the training or methods to connect the two. MoneyMinding is for both users of financial products AND the professionals who sell and service them!

Poverty is The Result of Limitations

As soon as finances are viewed or treated as a scarce resource to be managed effectively, poverty results. This leads to reduced creativity, inspiration, motivation, freedoms and opportunities. The consequence is increased attempts at fulfillment in other ways such as entertainment, drug and alcohol use, sex, food, spending, etc. and result in overall moral decay. These lead to instability and higher costs and the modern day equivalent of making more bricks with less straw results!

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