Hi I’m Sam,

For over 30 years I’ve consulted many multi-millionaires on cash flow management. They hire me because I solve money problems with a fresh perspective. I know how to get beyond bankruptcy, strengthen marriages, and pursue dreams in spite of financial obstacles.

When it comes to understanding credit and debt, I’ve been there, done that, thrown away all the t-shirts!

I want to show you how living in a credit world means opportunities, not slavery.
We're Going To:
  • Redefine Debt
  • See a New Vision
  • Make Debt Your Slave
  • Be Bold, so you Don’t Fold with Credit
  • Live Above Your Means
If you're a Kingdom-minded thought leader with a heart and vision to positively impact the world we live in,
if you're new to the world of credit cards,
if you're trying to decide what to do with credit card debt,

this information can save you thousands of dollars in interest charges,
open doors of opportunity, and
potentially save you years of heartache and stress!

You won't get this information from the bank or from your financial advisor, and you won't find it by searching online.  

Get my
​​​​​​​‘Make Debt Your Friend’ Package Today

Here's What You Get:
  • Concise instructions for dealing with credit and debt in the world we live in!

  • A private Facebook Group for real-life lessons, stories and solutions for handling credit situations!

  • 30-Day access to me and my team for personal money coaching

People from all over the world pay me thousands of dollars to access my materials, strategies and time.

Just one of my proven methods could save you years of struggle, many thousands of dollars and help you realize dreams that right now might seem out of reach, yet are right there when you see your situation from a fresh perspective!

Be Done With Debt!
​​​​​​​Start Now!
Limited Time Introductory Offer
Address uncertainty, misinformation and outdated ideas that sound good, but actually work against you!
Stop spending less than you earn and Start earning more than you spend!
Start NOW
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Make Debt Your Friend Package
The way it used to be isn't the way it is today and is certainly not the way it's going to be in the future!

Be part of the solution to rise above debt, and change the situation that has trapped a generation!
Digital Manual with 'how-to guides, lessons and ideas for solving today's debt situation
Ongoing tips and lessons in the private Facebook Group
Access to online personal money coaching
30-Day 100% money back guarantee 
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“I teach people about real estate investing.   I would never talk to people and be hands-on about their finances – that’s not my job.  But as people begin to invest in real estate, they need to know how to manage money.  MoneyMinding provides the curriculum, the information and the coaching they need. This is an incredible value-added tool for my program.” ~ July Ono Founder, On The Beach Education Corporation
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