Dreaming Big

If you’re reading this now, God has kept you on this planet because He has a purpose for you to fulfill. Perhaps you have some health challenges and all you can do is pray. If so, then pray! Perhaps you have been blessed with financial excess and you have a heart for missions, but are committed to earning the income that creates the excess.  If so, then give! But what if you can do more than pray and give?

Do you recognize His promptings and take steps to ask Him what He wants you to do with these tugs at your heart?  Or do you hesitate, deny, justify, or put off taking any next step until you have more time and more money to do something about it?  What stops you?

I know for myself, I have spent far too many hours in the ‘pity party of can’t’.  Life’s circumstances have a way of inviting the enemy to convince us we ‘can’t’ do anything – seriously, that line of thinking will kill dreams so quickly.  The mindset becomes all about survival of self, rather than helping others, or following God’s lead for our life.

What’s the antidote to circumstances that seem impossible?  It’s not watching TV, or getting online with social media.  It’s not alcohol or socializing.  It’s also not shopping or excessive exercise.  Anything that attempts to create ‘busy-ness’ or to mask or cover up listening to and following God’s prompting is letting the enemy determine your goals and dreams.

The antidote to seemingly impossible situations and big dreams is to do the exact opposite of what the enemy is telling you to do.  Satan says ‘you can’t’, but God says, ‘I can’.  When life gets you down, no matter how stupid, unrealistic or outrageous it might seem, the antidote to the negative is to go beyond what you can see and step into what you can’t see in the natural but what God is leading you to in the unseen.

This means, if you’re not happy with your work, go visit somewhere you’d like to work.  If you’re not happy where you live, go visit a beautiful home.  If you’re sad and alone because of broken relationships, get out and be with people.  If you’re struggling with unbelief, go to church or be with believers.  And, if it’s late and you’re feeling alone – pick up your bible; no matter how little you might ‘feel’ like reading at the time, the Word of God is alive and Holy Spirit will speak comfort and peace to you through the Word.

Finally, if you’re really stuck and opening bible or your mouth to pray even in your heavenly language, seems too hard, pick up the phone and call someone who is intuitive enough to know that when you answer, ‘fine’ to their question about ‘how you’re doing’ they know you’re not really ‘fine’.

Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy.  Jesus came to give us life in abundance (John 10:10).  Abundance is a beautiful word that brings us far beyond what we can see, into the world of the unseen where our heart that is connected to His spirit will know that when we expose it to situations that take us temporarily out of our circumstances and give us glimpses of where He’s leading us.

Dreaming big doesn’t mean filling the gap between where you are today and where your heart is leading you, with your mind; it means getting past what you can see and putting yourself in situations where Holy Spirit can speak optimism, hope and possibility into your life.  Our tendency is to retreat and hide ‘in the sand’ like the fearful servant in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-28).

Stepping into the vision you sense God giving you glimpses of doesn’t have to make sense to our logical minds because something happens in our spirit when we open our hearts to possibilities.  Our role is to put ourselves in a place where we can see and experience desires that ultimately reinforce the vision God is calling each of us.

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