Financial Consumer Agency Promoting Economic Reduction??

I wonder if anyone has actually stopped to consider that consumer spending is an important indicator of economic growth.  Seriously – balancing cash flow is obviously important but there’s a huge difference between ‘spend less than you earn’ and ‘earn more than you spend’.
The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada is promoting ‘Cut Back on Spending’ and ‘Live Within Your Means’ for Financial Literacy Month.  This focus on scarcity and cutting back actually reinforces a poverty spirit which leads to looking for fulfilment through external means – often with binge spending and non-productive debt that is valuable for the lender, but keeps the spender in bondage.  Savings will never satisfy those desires and emphasizing some sort of safe, secure retirement’ 30 years down the road doesn’t support of fulfill the needs of today.
When money is treated as a scarce resource it turns it into a god that can never satisfy.  Reducing spending is a 1/2 truth the devil wants us to believe will produce balance and enable us to live a financially successful life.  All this does is continually turn the attention towards money for safety, provision, protection, power, fulfilment, etc.
There is a balance that requires a focus on expansion and increase first because that provides the inspiration and hope to  simultaneously implement cash management systems.  This will produce a connection between God’s infinite ability to fulfill what money will never provide.  The screen shot of the email I received this morning is the focus the financial industry wants people to have: to reinforce money as a scarce commodity to try to get them to save more – then to make loans available so perceived unmet desires can be filled with access to credit.  The denial of desires creates a sense of lack and all this leads to reduced self-esteem and ability.  Desires give glimpses of the bigger vision God is calling people to.
If we continue to promote reducing spending we sabotage business growth which provides employment which increases the financial resources in our economy.  We won’t win the financial battle by reducing spending.  We win by finding creative ways to expand income and funneling that income through a solid financial foundation!
See also my post yesterday on ‘Live Beyond Your Means‘.
Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he”  Proverbs 29:18.
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