MoneyMinding Ambassadors have invested many hours in learning and applying the MoneyMinding Method in their own life, so they can (and do) share it with their clients, members and others whom God brings to them. Our Ambassadors also support the MoneyMinding Community and are committed to helping spread the message of connecting the Word of God with the world of money, to help increase the financial resources within the Body of Christ. We all come from different Christian and financial backgrounds and have one thing in common - to strengthen relationships with God and each other through finances. 

If you would like to know more about the Ambassador training for yourself and / or your church or financial practice please contact us here.

The people you'll meet here are your team! Some of these people have been following and supporting me and MoneyMinding for many years, watching and waiting and encouraging me to keep going. Some of these people are new connections.

Regardless, I encourage you to connect with them because they have embraced the concepts of connection and community and the missing link that MoneyMinding fills in the 'God and Money' world!

I am thrilled to introduce them to you, and look forward to hearing about how, as a community, God is working to produce opportunities for financial rewards that overflow in blessing and honor and praise to our heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. 

Heather Johns, CFP

Heather is an Ontario based Financial Advisor, as well as the Facilitator of North Hastings Budget Services - a program designed to assist people struggling with cashflow and debt.  A long time follower of MoneyMinding, she has incorporated many core MoneyMinding teachings in her day to day work with clients.  Heather has always been passionate about people and making a difference, and has successfully worked with clients for over 20 years, at all stages of their financial journey.      

A Graduate of McMaster University, Heather has lived in Bancroft, Ontario since 2000. She has been active in the community in a number of volunteer and financial services capacities over the years, and currently is the Music Director at her local church. She enjoys small town life, spending time with her family and friends, and is passionate about music, the arts and community.

(613) 332 - 5244
Allan Johnson, CCS TM

Author - Chapter in "The Money Team"

Licensed Level 2 Life Insurance Agent in Prince George, BC 

Married to Shirley. Three sons, Shaino, Andrew & Anthony, their wives and 9 Grandchildren.

Business Owner / Operator of my own Financial Planning Franchise - Money Concepts in 1995

After 25 years of Education, Experience, Wisdom, and Insights, Allan realized how futile it was to get ahead under our current system with issues such as taxation, interest rates, inflation and stock market crashes - All eroding our ability to get ahead. Today's Certified Financial Planners are still basing your plan on assumptions we have no control over. I made the decision to secede from this type of financial planning.

Allan's focus has changed to helping people regain Control of their Cashflow, creating Multiple Sources of Income, effectively Managing Debt and Protecting everything they have worked hard for. Allan is a "Certified Cash Flow Specialist", an "Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner" and a proponent of using simple interest Home Lines of Credit instead of fixed rate mortgages to reduce the amount (volume) of interest paid to financial institutions. Alllan is passionate about educating, encouraging, equipping and empowering family, friends and clients to look at these strategies from a new perspective. 

Allan says, " I was introduced to Sam Piercy back in October of 2009. I was intrigued by her approach to Financial Management. It seemed we had very similar thoughts and experiences about what was missing from conventional teaching in this area. Because of limitations and restrictions placed on us by the regulators, I was unable to work with Sam until very recently. We both have a strong faith life and realized that we couldn't ignore the call to include Godly principles and wisdom in the area of financial stewardship. Our challenge is to bridge the gap between Biblical Financial Concepts and the World's System we operate in. We will achieve this through online courses and workshops."

(250) 563 - 0777
Elvis Ehigie

Elvis is the founder of Entino Financial Planning Inc. and the founder and lead pastor of Salvation Shine Ministries in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

His personal vision is to build an advisory team of like-minded people serving the community with financial services, as well as having the financial resources to contribute to the overall financial welling of families and businesses within the Winnipeg area. 

Elvis believes that today, good financial advice is more important than ever. He looks at how who you are can create what you have...Money is one of the more complicated subjects in the world. Many people have either been liberated or enslaved by it. Many nations have gone to war over resources that can produce money. With money comes power, influence and control, and that propels its pursuit and search. Money is also one of the most misunderstood subjects in the world. And because we lack a proper education of it, it has led many on a fool's errand trying to make more and more of it. 

From his vast experiences that has taken him from the streets of impoverished nations to the corporate of finance in one of the most developed countries in the world, he demystifies the concept of money in his humorous and tender voice. He speaks from a place of love and compassion having seen the full effects of poverty and he shows how you can benefit from his experiences cultivated with a wide variety of practical tools that leads to empowerment.

(204) 926 - 8891
Brent Henderson

Brent Henderson is the Senior Pastor at Bella Vista Church in Vernon, BC and is featured on our episode "Why People Don't Like to Talk About Money In Church (or anywhere)

Hellmut Noelle 

Hellmut is a C.C.C. and is featured on our episode "How Quickly & Dramatically a Shift in Thinking can Change Your Situation"

Hellmut studied Counselling and Psychotherapy at Gonzaga University. 

Dr. Kazumba Charles

Dr. Kazumba Charles is the Executive Director for KiTV and is featured on our episode "Fueled by Faith and Family" and "Turning the Table and Asking Tough Questions"

Ben and Jenn Ward 

Ben and Jenn are a young married couple who are also apart of the Faith for Finances production team, they are featured on our episode "Talking About Money in Marriage"

Ben and Jenn are young entrepreneurs that recently started a production company. Ben is also an aspiring pilot and Jenn works with Sam as her Executive Assistant and Project Manager for Faith for Finances.

For more information about who they are and their company visit: 


Harvey Trauter

Harvey is a leader at Axis Church is featured on our episode "Financial Opportunities in Your Local Community"

"Over the past 25 plus years I have been blessed to work with many excellent leaders and teams in both the corporate world and the nonprofit world. Working with high performance teams are wonderful and the speed of execution and trust components needed to be a high performance team is exhilarating. Working in the non profit world has also been exhilarating when productivity comes from intrinsic motivation."

For more information visit www.cityaxis.ca

Eric Rodgers 

Eric is a creative writer and is featured on our episode "The Next Step in Pursuing Your Vision"

Learn more about Eric at www.ericuseshiswords.com

Rich Orzol

Rich is the Director of Business Development at IWG Corporate Services and is featured on our episode "Right Before the Financial Breakthrough"

Rich has over 30 years experience in professional sales and marketing management, combined with a Degree in Environmental Design and Architecture from East Carolina University. 

His skills are in Financial Advising, Corporate Life Insurances Strategies, Health Trusts, Group Benefits, Wealth Management, Building Financing and more.

For more information about Rich and what he does visit:


Meri Crouley 

Meri Crouley is an anointed speaker who operates with a strong prophetic anointing. She has travelled all across the United States and overseas where she has spoken at conferences and crusades to compel the body of Christ and prepare them for another great awakening. She is the President of Destiny Studios and is development on several motion pictures. She also hosts her own TV called 'Now is the time: which is broadcast around the world.

She has also founded a non-profit organization called Youthwave Explosion. It was established in 1996 and Youthwave has hosted many large outreach concerts where thousands of young people's lives have been impacted through music and the Gospel. 

For more information on Meri and her Ministries visit: 


Marlin & Susan Kroeker

Marlin and Susan Kroeker were featured in our two part series called 'The Money and The Mission'.  They are global missionaries and involved in YWAM Canada.

Click here for more info on Marlin and Susan

Bryan & Natalie Grant

Bryan and Natalie are local pastors and marriage advisors. They have helped mentor many couples over the years, and have recently helped plant a new church. They have also created a Podcast series called Amplified Marriage 

For more information on Bryan and Natalie visit:


E: amplifiedmarriage@gmail.com

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