Faith For Finances Official Release!

May the Lord, the God of your ancestors, increase you a thousand times and bless you as he has promised!”  ~Deuteronomy 1:11 

I wrote about this scripture a couple weeks ago when I knew God had spoken about the release for the Faith for Finances Program and the 30 Day Transformation.

There have been many loooong days and late nights / early mornings since then. I don’t actually recall working so hard since university when i was cramming to complete a paper or study for an exam – or more recently helping our daughter to do just that!

When God speaks, He gives the vision and even specific steps and actions to take. But, we are His body. That means we have to do the work! He gives us the Power to produce…! In Deuteronomy 8:18, the word after ‘produce’ is wealth! 

The Faith for Finances Program is a practical and spiritual journey to do just that – produce wealth! Specifically, 1000x more. 

The practical steps in this indepth journey walk you through coming up with an idea and steps to produce $1000 in 30 days! Along the way there are scriptures to meditate on, exercises to identify biases and thinking that is potentially robbing you of the blessings God has purposed for your life.

For 30 days it’s an adventure with God in the area of finances like I’m sure you’ve not experienced before. I say this because I’ve been through it. I don’t know too many programs where forgiveness and making money come together for example. 

Faith for Finances is about real money; real life; real change!

It started on October 20th 2016 when God gave me the ideas and i scribbled them on papers then sadly put them in a file folder because i didn’t see ‘how’ I could produce the program I knew He wanted shared…

Sadly, a familiar story for many people who He’s given ideas and dreams to, only to have them rationalized away 🙁

Today you can join me on this grand adventure and experience for yourself what God has purposed for you and others you know through Faith for Finances! 

I Know there will continue to be tweeks and changes to the process in the weeks ahead but TODAY, February 15th, as God told me, the development of the pieces is officially OPEN for registrations!

You can see the pictures of where I started in 2016 as well the process of mapping out what needed to happen to produce the program. And for the next 30 days I invite you to not only join me by taking the program yourself, but also in sharing the program with others and praying for the lives that will be transformed in the process. 

God has prepared 1000 people to enroll in the program between now and March 15th. 

Are you one of them?


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Sam Piercy, is an expert at quickly cutting through financial limitations to find creative, conservative and highly effective solutions where conventional money wisdom has come short! Her methods are simple and teachable. They bridge a gap between the blessings and abundance of the Word of God, and the world’s system that feeds limitations, anxiety and directs your attention to serving money – not fulfilling your God-given desires and purpose. 

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