Debt IMPACTS everyone...
​​​​​​​It's the WORLD'S system

Breaking free requires
more than money.

Thank you Father for 1000x more blessings
​​​​​​​when we humble ourselves and pray…



What if?
  • You could give more to church without feeling guilty?

  • You could support world missions as well as reduce homelessness and poverty in your hometown?

  • You could help your neighbour who needs money for their child's special medical treatments?

  • You could help your friend whose car broke down and needs it for work but doesn’t have money to repair it?

  • You could take time to volunteer with elderly or sick children or others in your community?

  • You could send your kids to any school you want?

  • You don’t have to put them in daycare but could be home with them?

  • You had money to sponsor whole villages instead of single children?

  • You had money to pay for a village to receive fresh water and other necessities including access to the Word of God?
The Reality Is..

Because of their current  financial situation, most people can’t take on these tasks or help with money in these areas.

​​​​​​​Why? Various sources point to the following statistics as being reasonably accurate:

  • 2 % of the population are millionaires,

  • 10 % are debt-free,

  • 70 % live pay-check to pay-check,

  • 16 % are heading toward, coming out of, or in bankruptcy, and

  • ​​​​​​​2 % are in deep poverty.

  • 88 % of the population is ​​​​"broke" or "broke waiting to happen."

The bottom line: 
88% (70 + 16 + 2)
of the population is ​​​​"broke" or "broke waiting to happen."

This means the majority of Christians and non-Christians
have fear and uncertainty around money issues!
They struggle with the idea of money: how to earn it, save it, and spend it.
These numbers are a BIG deal.
​​​​​​​Because what’s happening ​​​​​​​in society 
​​​​​​​IMPACTS everyone!
What's Your Situation?
  • You own a home?

  • You own a home without a mortgage?

  • You have some retirement savings?

  • You have enough retirement savings to live the life God has called you to live?

  • You have no debt?

  • You have no debt and access to lots of credit?

  • You have money to pay for your kid’s school, activities and to help them get started financially?

  • Your charitable contributions exceed what you can use on your tax return every year?

  • You are looking for places to give more money?

  • All of the above?

  • A few of the above?

  • None of the above?

"We need a complete transformation for people to HEAL from the Financial Burdens and uncertainties plaguing the majority of people in our society!"

What Does God Say About MONEY?

Jesus talked about money a lot! In fact … Jesus talked about money more than He talked about heaven and hell combined. ​​​​​​​

Jesus talked about money more than anything else except the Kingdom of God. 11 of the 39 parables talk about money.
​​​​​​​About 25 percent of Jesus’ teaching in the Gospels relates to money, stewardship, and the resources God has given us.

Why did Jesus talk SO MUCH about Money?

What we do with our money and what we truly believe is shown by how we use and share our money.  Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Luke 12:34). 

In other words, where and how we spend and give our money is a reflection of where our heart is. But this doesn’t mean if you’re up to your eyeballs in what seems like a mountain range of debt, that you don’t love God.

It also doesn’t mean that if you’re barely making ends meet every month, that God doesn’t love you. And, it doesn’t mean that if you have lots of worldly wealth that you’re greedy, or have your heart in the wrong place.
Jesus also said, “You cannot serve both God and money.” (Matthew 6:24). And, to “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33).

Serving God ISN'T about learning to manage money more effectively.

There’s a BIG difference between
trying to apply biblical principles
to a worldview mindset,
​​​​​​​and using the financial tools available today,
within the framework of a Kingdom mindset.

Jesus wants us to find Him &
walk with Him through this
World of Money.

Jesus’ view of finances is known Kingdom Economics. It is God's way of doing things; it is God's system. It is a system put in place by God specifically in this case as it relates to economics and its role in the lives of believers.

There a're more than 2,350 Bible verses on how to handle money, but less than 500 on faith, less than 500 on prayer.
​​​​​​​More than 2,350 verses on topics about how to earn money, how to share it, how to save it, how to buy real estate, how to start a business and how to grow it, how to invest it, how to pass wealth from generation to generation, and most importantly, how to make sure you never run out.

The World's teaching shifts the focus from ​​​​​​​God to money
Good OR Bad Advice?

Our worldview of money has shaped the way we manage money (or not). It has shaped what we do for work and what our expectations are for what’s realistic to accomplish in our lifetime. Some of the advice we have accepted as solid money management is:

  • Save money when you’re young

  • Stay out of debt

  • Maximize your retirement savings account to save taxes

  • Go to school so you have a good education and can get a good job

  • When you get a job with benefits, paid holidays, and a pension you’ll be financially secure

  • If you rent your home, your expenses are less so you can save more money

  • Always buy a couple year old car so it’s already depreciated

  • Cutting back your expenses is the best way to have a balanced budget

  • The best way to increase your savings is to compound the growth and automatically add money regardless of whether the general market is going up or down
​​​​​​​Is following this advice the best way ​​​​​​​to handle your money?

The distractions of financial uncertainty in our debt-fuelled economy keep us running harder and faster attempting to succeed in a system designed to limit individual financial effectiveness by giving financial resources to the financial institutions who create immediate income and increasing wealth through loans to the people and businesses who employ the people.

The same financial institutions who want us to give them our money, develop the education that filters through the financial advisors and educational system to influence a mindset of an entire culture – a mindset that leads people to think and behave in a way that gives the institutions more money and more power.

This doesn’t make financial advisors bad people, it means they are part of the system like everyone else. But they play a key role in the successful use of the world’s financial tools to use the world’s system to fuel sustainable and increasing wealth through immediate income producing assets, not long-term accumulation and consumption.

What Does The Bible Say?

The Bible is very clear that financial blessings are part of the inheritance God has for His children. It’s also very clear that poverty is a curse, not a blessing. Curses are of the devil, not of God.

​​​​​​​This sounds like 'prosperity teaching'. No it isn't!

​​​​​​​The problem isn’t with what the Bible says about money. The problem is trying to fit the Word of God into a worldview mindset.
God’s promises will sound empty and our rational minds will interpret the ‘prosperity teaching’ in accordance with our individual level of understanding and experience about financial management.
The key is to shift mindsets of old teaching, experiences habits, and beliefs to experience financial transformation.


Because the new digital age is accelerating what has led us to a society dependent on debt with automation and convenience. The credit system we live in controls who has access to financial benefits and who doesn’t. It also is exponentially increasing the costs for basic necessities, and is deceiving an entire generation to hand over their most valuable financial asset to someone else to earn income and produce wealth with: their purchasing power

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Let me share a couple stories from my own life:

Years ago I had a business partner who directed a project that produced no fruit from the effort we invested. He left when he realized there wasn’t going to be a harvest to continue to fuel the business. I had a dilemma, shut the business down or use whatever money I had access to, so the staff got paid.

​​​​​​​I maxed out my credit card(s) and the team rallied together to come up with a plan to generate some quick money. In many business circles the results aren’t significant but given the size of the business at the time and what we had to work with, we came up with a plan and rolled it out in 10 days. The result was that 106 people received value from the activity and we netted $14,500 – and had a plan we could repeat over and over again (which we did).
One couple who took one of my training programs shared how they were at the end of their marriage, arguing over saving vs spending. The wife was overwhelmed by their debt load, and the husband wanted to spend time together enjoying outdoor activities. When they were able to connect to their united vision of spending quality time together, they were also able to analyze their finances objectively to realize their cash flow situation was the result of a $200 shortfall in their income. With the vision and the analysis they were able to seek God for direction on earning the additional income from the activity they enjoyed together.

Another couple thought they wanted a plan to buy a home in about 3 years. When they learned to look at their situation from a Kingdom perspective, and gathered details from their current finances in a way that supported their desire, they purchased their first home in 4 months.

​​​​​​​Their vision during this process was becoming more defined as the wife wanted a place to provide rest and solitude for people as she considered her years serving in overseas missions. They continued to keep an eye on properties for sale while renovating their new home and when they saw one they liked online, both agreed something like that would be a good goal for their next home.

​​​​​​​A while later that same property had dropped in price so they decided to go look. They fell in love with it, and because they had invested the time to learn, pray, share and develop connections with other like-minded people, they were able to buy and sell one house and move into their dream home within 13 months – not any house in 3 years as they had originally thought! 



Faith for Finances is a 30-day journey to break through financial limitations with practical and spiritual strategies for 1000x more! The program is inspired by the aggressive marketing by financial institutions directing people to lock more of their income- producing savings into government sponsored retirement savings plans, while citizens are burdened with unmanageable debt. This conventional financial plan increases our dependence on debt for spending and economic growth as interest payments lead to increasing prices and more power to the financial companies earning income from this strategy.

Faith for Finances is also inspired by the Word in Deuteronomy 1:11 for the Lord’s blessings of 1000x more. Faith for Finances leads participants on a path toward a transformed money mind. Each member travels the path to healing and forgiveness and develops a personal plan to earn $1000 in 30 days, as well as a foundation for more beyond the initial breakthrough!

Faith for Finances is developed by myself, Sam Piercy. I hold a Certified Financial Planning designation and have worked in and taught financial curriculum for financial professionals for years. Today, I focus my time and energy delivering a message of financial freedom through Jesus. God has given me a voice for faith and finance today!

My story of financial redemption through Jesus began over 20 years ago when I was working as a successful investment advisor. I sought relief for a wealthy client who was plagued by overwhelming financial insecurity, only to get drawn into a much bigger mission – the search for answers about what God says about money. Ultimately this has become God’s plan for my life.

The financial reality of our world got up close and personal as my family fought for financial survival after being set up by an unscrupulous business consultant. God’s grace and the systems we had in place from my corporate teaching helped us break free from the struggle, anxiety, bitterness, shame, rejection, and other negative consequences of the situation.

I am a prolific author with hundreds of articles and dozens of eBooks and courses on every area of personal finance.

​​​​​​​The Faith for Finances 30-Day Financial Transformation is a series of practical and spiritual strategies God has revealed to me to guide others through the process of overcoming past financial programming to realize 1000x more.

What You Will Get!

The Faith for Finances Package:

  • 115-page digital workbook for immediate download. This inspiring package includes background details, exercise, scripture references and the practical activities to guide your transformation journey.

  • 30 individual lessons. These can be completed one a day, or if you have ‘life’ to attend to, you can take longer if you want.

  • Scripture and prayer strategies for each day.

  • The practical lessons to identify and implement a real-life income generating activity to earn $1000 or more in 30 days. This plan also includes strategy development for even more beyond the initial 30 days and $1000.

  • Online progress tracking and encouragement.

  • Private online community for learning from others, prayer requests, asking questions, connecting with others and real-life learning.

  • An option and opportunity to introduce others to the Faith for Finances program and earn referral income for yourself and / or your ministry or other charity.


And ADDITIONAL Benefits!

  • Exercises to identify obstacles and roadblocks with strategies to break free from limiting and worldview beliefs that are potentially sabotaging yours and others financial blessings.

  • Opportunities to define or re-define God’s plans and purposes for your life as it relates to finances.

  • A deeper relationship with the Lord and with people in your life who you’re closest to, as walls come down and doors open up in this area that has previously been kept private, even from God.

Are you Ready for 1000x MORE?

The 30-Day Faith for Finances Journey at a Glance:
A Financial
​​​​​​​Prayer of Faith

Jesus gave us a model prayer with the Lord’s Prayer. When you apply His prayer model with a Kingdom Finance mindset, praying for finances becomes a powerful doorway for God to give you answers and reveal opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise know existed.

If you’d like my FREE teaching on the 7-Step Prayer Strategy for Financial Increase that the Lord revealed to me one night while I slept, click the link below to register. You’ll learn about praying the Lord’s prayer for financial transformation and breakthrough to realize results only God can provide inside a relationship with Him
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Coming Face-to-Face with God and Money Today:

Maybe you’re someone who thinks the Faith for Finances program is a good idea for someone else.

Perhaps you tend to get excited about possibilities for your own life, then lose momentum and you don’t want to do that again.

Maybe you kind of get the idea of earning income, but you’re suck on the ‘how’ part. You’re maybe wondering, ‘what’s the catch?’

Or you’re trying to figure out how anyone could earn $1000 starting from zero? Or why they’d want to.

What’s the catch?   What’s the point?

I’m doing OK you might be saying to yourself. You’re not alone! Everyone has something to offer.

​​​​​​​That’s why we created the private online networking group just for MoneyMinding. We call it Mentorship because you get access to peer support as well as direct input from me (Sam) and others on the MoneyMinding team.

​​​​​​​You’ll get answers to questions you might not even know you have. God will begin to speak through the people in the network to reveal creative solutions to financial issues many people don’t even think about.

God will show them how they can be 1000x more effective with their current financial systems.

Guaranteed Results:

In financial circles there are no guarantees. In fact, industry regulations are very strict on claims or implications about financial guarantees.

There’s no way I can guarantee you’ll do anything with Faith for Finances, just like there’s no guarantee you’ll get in shape if you buy a gym membership.

But, I am so confident that God will bless you with 1000x more than you can currently ask or think, that I will guarantee that if you complete the program and found no value in the journey, I’ll happily return 100% of your program fee.

This Sounds Great, But…

What if your current situation finds you so deep in financial distress that coming up with even a few bucks for a coffee seems like a stretch, let alone the full Faith for Finances enrollment fee?

Perfect! You can put the Power of community to work for you right away.

This Sounds Great, And…

If you already are thinking of people you know who can benefit from a renewed money mindset and some Godly wisdom for increasing their finances, or you know the program will be a blessing to people in your church, ministry, or Christian business, then Click Below to get a free account with MoneyMinding and visit the ‘partner page’ to learn how you can earn income for your ministry by sharing the Faith for Finances program with your ‘flock’.

Visit the ‘partner page’ to learn how you can earn income for your ministry by sharing the Faith for Finances program with your ‘flock’.


We Are All Called:

What has God called you to be, do, have, share? It takes finances to do the work God has called us to do.

As believers we are supposed to have control of the world’s finances. God tells us in Deuteronomy 8:18 that He gives us the power to produce wealth to confirm the covenant He made with our ancestors and ratified by the shed blood of His Son, Jesus.

We are supposed to prosper in everything we do.

The world’s financial system is controlling the people like we read about in ancient Egypt between the time Joseph gave the Israelites land and grain after the famine in Genesis 47, and the Exodus with Moses.

In the book of Revelation, it is very clear that Satan will use finances to deceive and control the people so that “all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, are required to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark of the beast." (Revelation 13:16-17).

Jesus warned us that we can’t serve both God and money in Matthew 6:24 and Revelation again warns us that we are dealing with the enemy (the beast), and it requires great wisdom.

God promised us more than just enough. His Word in Deuteronomy 1:11 tells us that He wants to increase you a thousand times and bless you as He has promised!

Jeremiah 20:7 tells us to, "seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper."
Thank you to our Partners, Sponsors, and Supporters!

Especially, ...


The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory. This is my God, and I will praise him—  my father’s God, and I will exalt him! - Exodus 15:2


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