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“Even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.” Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he relents from sending calamity.  ~ Joel 2:12-13

Whether you are looking for money to pay an overdue phone bill or have decided to sell your house and move on, the desire for immediate results is part of being human.  We live in time and space and the difference between split seconds can influence your life in dramatic ways.  With technological advances we have become increasingly impatient with our desire for fast results as we navigate information online seeking answers for every area of our life.

Sometimes it seems like God isn’t bringing answers either fast enough, or at all even when the consequences of unanswered prayer can bring short term disastrous results.  This is what we learn in the bible about accepting ‘by faith’ that God is never late or wrong and His results are always good.  We have to believe His promises that His desire is to bless His people with every good thing, even though in the moment situations can seem pretty grim.

The Lord has helped me to develop a different type of patience, contentment and confidence that is beyond what I can see in the financial needs and desires of the moment.  When you look at your bank account or get nervous waiting for results from a showing of your home you are operating from fear and doubt and the presence of the Lord isn’t anywhere to be found.  When His presence isn’t near it will cause you to make decisions and take actions that are rooted in fear, doubt, and lack.

The desire for a quick answer is about remaining in control of your environment.  This quick fix thinking is like lottery thinking and is why so many lottery winners aren’t fulfilled after winning the jackpot and end up worse off than when they started.  They are looking for a quick fix to remove a situation where they feel insecure financially.  The thought is that more money will improve the situation but the beginning place of this mindset is from a place of lack – not peace and confidence in God’s love, provision and goodness.

When you attempt to control your financial situation through quick fixes you will end up making decisions based on what you can see in the numbers which is one of those ½ truths Satan wants you to believe.  Making decisions based solely on what you can or cannot see in your bank account and situation around you can potentially mean you are able to remain in control of your financial transactions, but possibly miss the opportunities God has for you by seeking Him for the results.

The best way I have found to make financial decisions the produce ‘fast results’ is to gather the information onto paper in a format that recognizes the time component of the immediate and longer term needs through a cash flow forecast.  With this information at hand, I will then create an atmosphere where the presence of the Lord is obvious so I can prayerfully ask Him for direction on what’s the next step and what His will in the situation.  Sometimes the atmosphere can change by simply turning worship music on and adjusting the lighting in the room to create ambiance.  Other times when the decisions are bigger and the situation is more serious, pressing in to hear His voice for answers requires an investment of more time.  I might have to have an extended time of prayer and possibly even prayer and fasting.

Fasting for clarity and direction occurs many times in the bible and in my experience the word ‘fast’ meaning to abstain from something (usually food and/or water) in order to draw closer to God, has always produced results ‘fast’.  Sometimes the answers are for direction, and sometimes they are for results to manifest.  Other times fasting produces peace, patience, or a fresh perspective on a situation.  Regardless of what the outcome, there is always some sort of result that beyond what I could have come up with simply on my own understanding.

The process for receiving ‘fast results’ with financial situations (and others) is always to surrender to Him first and to seek Him in the circumstances.  The systematic approach to work with Him is a partnership, where you’re not gambling on Him coming through with a big windfall or you trying to make decisions based on the results you want, when you want them.  By gathering the details of your situation on to paper and following a process to create lasting financial results is what I call ‘Financial Grace’.

That systematic approach is something I’ve followed and taught for years, and recently as I was seeking Him for direction on the development and rollout of Financial Grace programs He spoke to me about the sequence of steps being not quite right…ugh!  I made the shift and have since been receiving constant revelation from Him on what and how to move forward, but it took a decision to repent of my stubbornness to not want to change the sequence, then asking forgiveness for not listening more clearly earlier, and finally it took and extended time of prayer and fasting to open this channel of communication.

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