Friday News, November 28, 2014: Ready, Set, Spend?

Without sounding like a scrooge, it seems to me that this time of year in Western society we have just kicked off a feverish spending frenzy. It’s like we have unleashed a spirit of poverty and lack that is allowed to grab hold of people’s thoughts so they race around from store to store trying to buy the best deals they can before the inventory has run out, or before they run out of money. From the store’s perspective, it’s a similar scene as individual businesses compete for consumer spending and vie for volume of sales in order to put or keep their yearly revenue in the ‘black’.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sales and I love shopping. It’s especially thrilling to find just the perfect something or other as a gift for someone else that is available to buy at an amazing value. The part of this ‘black Friday’ scene that I find fascinating is how a scarcity mindset can take over so quickly: ‘Not enough time; not enough inventory; not enough money; not enough customers’ all needs to be replaced with God’s peace and infinite provision.

As you shop today and over the next weeks leading up to and beyond Christmas, make sure you rest in His peace by prayerfully planning your spending and cash flow. There is nothing more powerful than Holy Spirit inspired shopping that falls into God’s plan for order and harmony.

If you need some help with how to create a cash flow forecast for the season, not just a budget, but a forecast, you can listen to Financial Grace radio archives for weeks 3 and 6, or review the Triumph Over Money Report, or the Death by Money Report. You can also request a Financial Fix or Financial Grace Consultation if you want some one-on-one assistance.

Summary of this week’s Financial Grace:

What’s coming next week:

Have a blessed week and happy shopping with continued gratitude for all of who God is and what He provides!

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