Home is a Big Deal

Home is a Big Deal

Just look at the volumes of house magazines and decorating shows and you get a glimpse of people’s interest in homes. God cares about homes too. He has a lot to say in His Word about homes, houses, land, and where and how we live. Today, in our culture home ownership has been an important wealth building tool as well as the roof over our head. Sadly, many people believe home ownership is ‘out of reach’ for them because of finances, or they settle for a home less than what their heart desires because it’s all they can imagine.

Facts or Truth?

There are several chapters in my walk with the Lord involving homes and recently without purchase and move from Victoria, BC with 3 years in transition and finally to the Church House in Lumby, BC. The first time I cried out to God for a home was almost 20 years ago. The purchase of that home required a lot of learning new financial strategies to purchase given our financial situation at the time. My husband and I believed God brought us to that home, but our faith for it was closely connected to our ability, and what we could see through the finances. The Church House purchase was a different matter. This time God wanted our heart. We needed to completely depend on Him, because I had lots of experience with strategies, but the reality of our situation and the economy around us didn’t look very ‘practical’. We relied on God’s promises for our home while we looked at properties and did our part of the co-labouring with God by implementing the financial systems and knowledge to bring a purchase into reality.

I compiled a list of some of the key scriptures we ‘stood’ on during the 3 years of transition.  There is something extremely powerful about reading many scriptures on a single topic back to back – especially if you speak them and take ownership of them for whatever home situation you find yourself (or someone you know).

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