Home Sweet Home

If home is where the heart is then from God’s perspective then home is where you are because He lives in our heart (if we let him).  Psalm 37:4 tells us that He will give us the desires of our heart.  We are also told in Jeremiah 29:13 that if we seek him with all our heart we will find him.

The question that I am faced with on a regular basis and I’m sure I’m not alone, is ‘am I really seeking him with all my heart’?  On a daily basis we have heart issues concerning our relationships, our work, our health, our family, our food, our clothes, our transportation, our entertainment, our homes, pets, and other activities, hobbies and interests.

Discussing Homes, buying them, renting them, investing in them etc. and as I prepare for this I am struck by the pressures that our homes can have on our life.  For most people in western society, their home is their largest expense and potentially their largest asset.  Their mortgage will be their largest liability.

Our homes are where we are supposed to be able to rest and find peace and restoration from the day’s activities and the world’s pressures.  If a home is full of pressure it can have the adverse affect.  This can quickly compound because if you’re not able to find peace where you’re living then your energy both spiritually and physically is drained rather than restored.

The pressures of the world then give Satan’s army’s an entrance to your home which quickly creates a stronghold over your heart and can lead you to direct your focus on the financial pressures of maintaining your home.  This can be evident on my levels, the most obvious one is the eventual neglect that a home can fall under because the occupant is simply too drained to care about some of the details in maintaining a peaceful and orderly environment.

How can we regain our ‘home sweet home’ when the financial pressures of the day have created distractions that have enabled your home to become cluttered and your life to be diverted from the Lord?  Many people simply ignore the pressures and retreat to their homes with the television on.  Some combine television with food and / or alcohol.  Some just work harder and barely come home or only come home to sleep and change but otherwise make themselves busy away from home.

Holy Spirit will direct you on so many levels beginning with your home if you let Him.  If you struggle to relax or enjoy your current home the way it is, then it’s a clue that perhaps Satan has gained entry and you aren’t enjoying the fullness of your relationship with the Lord.  By listening to Holy Spirit speaking to you about your home you can discern His voice concerning His plans for you.  This is much more powerful than coveting the images on magazine covers or your neighbor’s house.

What is the Lord saying to you about your home?  And from a financial perspective, what is the specific cost for your home to become the place of rest that you sense the Lord speaking to you.  Does is require a move up or down in size and price?  If so, then what is the monthly cost for a switch?  What is the cost of a move?  Is there some additional help or services that would help provide the peace for you such as housekeeping, landscaping, or other home services?  What are the cost of these?

Before you start justifying whether they are worthwhile or possible given your current situation, make sure that you’re not making that decision simply based on the facts that you can see today.  God’s truth trumps the facts so listen to Him, then do your homework to find out the cost of what you feel he’s speaking to you about.  When you have His revelation and some knowledge about the facts, then you have both truth and facts and you can ask Him for wisdom to help fill in the gaps.

It’s a process of learning to listen to His voice and to remove any barriers that interfere in that relationship.  Just because you don’t immediately see how your home could change, doesn’t mean that He can’t or won’t change the situation. Perhaps He will give you the supernatural power to do some things to your current environment that will provide you with the peace to truly enjoy your fellowship with Him.  His desire isn’t for you to come home everyday exhausted and tune out the pressures of live with electronics.  His desire is that we love Him with all our heart and all our soul (mind, will and emotions).  Home sweet home is the environment where you are, so you can tune out the rest of the ‘noise’ and rest in His loving arms.  Figure out what the cost is for that to happen, then let Him provide you the wisdom to see it through to reality.

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