How Does God Bring A Financial Miracle?

One of my favourite testimonials from a past MoneyMinding program participant is, “I learned it’s easier to find $450,000, than $20.”

The foundation for a financial miracle requires a new mindset to receive financial blessings. It’s a miracle that transforms limited worldview money management thinking, to God’s perspective that creates possibilities, and strategies to bridge the gap.

God brings money into our lives through others. But, does that mean we are we dependent on people to provide for finances? Of course not. Is there is a special process to follow so God will move in your circumstance? No. God doesn’t play favourites and He doesn’t respond to religious activities.

Faith for Finances is a 30-Day Transformation of Practical and Spiritual Strategies for 1000x More! It’s a financial mentoring program developed out of more than 30 years working in and around finance, specializing in practical strategies for financial increase and sustainability!

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My personal testimony of financial survival has many twists and turns with the most dramatic being the freedom my family has found in Christ after being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous business consultant. I worked and taught the world’s financial curriculum for advisors, and I’ve lived God’s system of finance. Throughout the years have seen many financial transformations from the powerful and unique MoneyMinding method to unlock financial possibilities beyond what you can ask or think based on past experience and current worldview strategies.

The Word of God contains over 2300 direct verses on finance, and Jesus talked more about money than anything other than the Kingdom of God. God clearly has a lot to say about money matters so why do so many people live in financial lack and why is it such a stumbling block for the Church?

Statistics show that more than 80% of the population is impacted by lack of money!

The answer is more than just giving though, because God says He provides the money to give.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old; if you have always been told to ‘live within your means’ you will learn to look to your self for your financial needs. After a while you develop a financial learned helplessness because this perspective is limited. When a message is taught about God’s plans for finances, too many people tune out because the emphasis is typically on how to give more which is frustrating, not encouraging to the 80% who are living with financial doubt.

But God isn’t limited by our ability or current financial situation.

God gives each of us purposes, passions, skills, relationships, experiences, expertise and opportunities to fulfill His good plans for our life. The key to receiving financial blessings is to identify your God-given assets and gather with other believers to learn how to create commercial value from the ‘seeds’ God gives each of us. He will show you what, where, when, how, with whom, and why to plant, cultivate and harvest what He’s already given you in order to provide for your needs, other’s needs, ongoing growth, and praises to Him.

God has given me a Vision to help 1000 people each earn $1000 for themselves and the Kingdom of God in 30 days through the Faith for Finances program.

That’s a combined $1,000,000 with at least $100,000 in new donations to support the work of the Gospel through the efforts of people working together to help each other rise above financial limitations.

Faith for Finances isn’t just the money though, it’s the transformation that will shift mindsets to bring about financial freedom through Jesus Christ – whatever that looks like for you: relational, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial!

Will you participate in the making of a money miracle?

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