Increasing Financial Capacity

By far the most significant influence in my life has been the Word of God – but like many people, I didn’t start my Christian walk that way.  My early church memories were of being dragged to church then moving away from it as soon as I could.  For my whole life however, I would have told you I was a Christian because I knew about Jesus and I knew about what the bible said through the stories I learned in Sunday School and the services I sat through when I was younger.  Even as an adult after I accepted Jesus into my heart, I did not really know how to have a relationship with Him.  The ministry of the Holy Spirit wasn’t taught or demonstrated in the churches I attended so I had a love for the Lord but I was trying to live the Christian life on my own without the Power of His Spirit working within me.

I read my bible daily and followed annual reading plans and did devotionals.  I even read a lot of Christian books, but it wasn’t until I stopped following a reading formula that went something like ‘Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs’ did the Word have an opportunity to become alive in my spirit.  The Holy Spirit within me began to direct me to read a full book of the bible before moving on to another book.  During some very dark days in my family’s life, the Spirit directed me to read the book of Acts.  At the time my mind thought I wanted something comforting and encouraging like Psalms because from what my head had learned about the book of Acts, it was mostly history about the development of the early church; which it is sort of…but also soooo much more!

My Christian walk and life began to be transformed by the Word as I read about the Power of the Holy Spirit at work within the early disciples.  That same Spirit came alive within me and activated a desire in my own spirit to experience more of Him working in and through my life.  I got hungry to know more about the baptism of the Spirit and to experience it for myself.  The bible said it, demonstrated it, and I just knew it was for me just like it was for everyone else. I knew I was saved and forgiven.  I had done a lot of work on forgiveness and learning about who I was in Him, but I still knew something was missing.

When the Spirit did come upon me with Power it came in the form of a Holy laughter that broke a severe yoke of grief and depression.  I laughed long and hard and was unable to stop for what seemed like days.  This was the beginning, but not the end.  I began to be able to speak in my own spirit language, but still seemed blocked from experiencing ongoing joy and peace.  In fact, sometimes the grief would seem to come back for no apparent reason.  I knew if I opened my mouth to connect with God through speaking in tongues He would strengthen and encourage me, but for some reason it seemed impossible to open my mouth.

Back to the Word.  Something else I hadn’t heard much about in church was demons, yet I read a lot about Jesus’ dealing with them.  The very mention of demons seemed to conjure up an uncomfortable and awkward reaction in myself and others.  This got me thinking that perhaps just maybe, it might be a demon that was causing the block. 

I was fortunate to have been exposed to a strong man of God who operated in the ministry of deliverance when I was first baptized in the Spirit, but there seemed to be more.  So back to the Word for answers, and more prayer for deliverance from whatever was holding my tongue and holding on to the grief were increased.  I had been active in prayer groups for a while, but not many people seem to want to address the demons, instead choosing to focus more on Holy Spirit to be stronger.  I agree, but I also know through experience that the devil will work really hard to stop us from stepping in to all God has for us.  The devil’s army of demons will mirror what God does only they will do whatever they can to keep us from stepping in to God’s blessings for our life.  What I discovered is the importance of being proactive in removing anything that attempts to block us through our flesh, as well as anything that is attempting to block us in the spirit. 

Both myself and my husband Joe, began praying and asking God for renewed joy and freedom for the Holy Spirit to live through our lives. Together we had the opportunity as a couple to understand the Holy Spirit active in our marriage as ‘one flesh’ so together we multiplied what was going on in the other person.  If we are going to experience the fullness of what God has and is calling us to as a couple, we recognize the importance of our spiritual walk together as much as we recognize how we support each other physically, relationally, emotionally and financially.

Marriage of course, is a representation of the Body of Christ as His bride.  If we are going to stand against the enemy and step into all God’s promises for us individually and as His people and for all mankind, we need to come together in the Spirt for support physically, relationally, emotionally and financially.

During one of my own emotional grief attacks Joe prayed and we both knew the demon had been evicted!  Praise God!  And, thank you for support to do more together than I could have done on my own.  Matthew 18:19-20 tells us that when 2 or more agree and ask in His name, there He is and what we ask will be done.

What does this this have to do with Increasing Financial Capacity?  Quite simply:

Our mind has come under the influence of experience and what is taught and accepted in the world around us.  In order to expect financial blessings to flow and into and overflow out of your life you have to have a mind surrendered to Christ.  You need the power of His Spirit working in you, and that means you have to be capable of imagining and acting on that which you don’t see necessarily in the physical world, but what is written in the Word and is written in your heart.

The Word is our foundation.  The Spirit reveals truths, promises and practical answers that are applicable to our life in the moment and for whatever circumstances we face.  Our spirit connected to the Spirit of God directs our thoughts through our soul (our mind, will and emotions).  Our thoughts control our actions and ultimately our destiny.

Financial Increase requires a transformed mind, because the financial world is focused on financial strategies that support the business of financial institutions who sell financial products.  Financial products are sold the same way any retail product is sold, through features and benefits.  The difference is the terminology is more about rates and taxes and term, than it is about colour or size.  We might joke about how McDonald’s employees would ask if you wanted fries with your order, but a bank teller is trained to do the same thing by looking at their computer screen and being prompted to ask you if you’d like a credit card with your deposit or something similar.

All this means the transformation of the mind begins with the Word and the Spirit so together they can direct the acquisition of knowledge and infuse wisdom so your actions will direct your life to line up with His good, perfect and pleasing will for your own, personal, unique circumstances (see Romans 12:1,2)! The Word of God doesn’t emphasize decrease, and cutting back in order to accumulate for self, then consume what has been acquired. The only time decrease is necessary is when the spending is contrary to the will of God.  His Word demonstrates how to experience increase.  This requires recognition that there are forces at work against you having access to more finances, and all that requires knowing, meditating through prayer, and connecting with other who are willing to step beyond the financial status quo.

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