Introducing Faith for Finances

Introducing Faith for Finances



A practical and transformational 30-day program to increase the financial resources of God’s people.

By Sam Piercy and MoneyMinding® Ministries:
Equipping People for Life and Ministry

In Partnership with______ In Support of_____

Who do you know who could use an extra $1000 this month?
Or $100?
Or $10,000?
Or $100,000?

This message is the official introduction to a process God inspired to me over 2 years ago, and the the launch campaign to reach 1000 people, and help them each earn $1000 for themselves. The resulting new income for the Kingdom is $1,000,000 with and $100,000 overflow for donations!

I’m asking your help to fill the 2 blanks at the top of this message, ‘in partnership with’ and ‘in support of’.

Statistically, over 70% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck or in near poverty circumstances. This is true of both Christians and non-Christians. Hearing about living and giving generously, and debt-free, however, or how to save more to be able to live a magazine-style dream when you retire builds isolation and intimidation, not inspiration. If you’re trying to fit biblical truths into the worldview of money, you’re going to get tension.

Faith for Finances addresses these issues in a practical and spiritual way. The 30-day program is delivered online and guides participants to strategically organize their financial affairs, identify income generating opportunities in their life, uncover obstacles, and engage in activities to earn $1000 for themselves in 30 days with a plan to increase from there.

God-inspired me with a 30-day plan to partner with others to reach 1000 people who commit to rethinking their personal finances and invest in the process of transformation. This is the goal of the Faith for Finances Reach a Million Concept!

The potential multiplication of financial resources within the Church isn’t just 1000 people earning $1000 each as they apply the practical activities in the program. Collectively 1000 people partnering with God to identify personal ideas to earn an extra $1000 each adds up to $1,000,000!! The potential overflow from these personal income projects from donations and offerings based on a 10% tithe is at least $100,000 for ministries in local communities and worldwide.

Here’s how you can partner in this process of multiplication and overflow:

1.       Promotional Partners:
Anyone can sign up as a Faith for Finances partner and introduce others to the program via email or social media. You request a unique partner ID from MoneyMinding Ministries then anyone who buys the program through your unique referral ID qualifies you for $10 or 10% referral income, whichever is greater!

The partner program Referrals are paid out every $100 which is a great way to build a team. People working as a small group through the transformation process and practical steps in the Faith for Finances program can earn income for themselves or group as they work through the process.

2.       Media Partners:
Promotion for the Faith for Finances Campaign is through Christian Targeted Audiences, partner emails, and printed materials for participating churches and ministries.

a.     $250 will provide partners with their name, business or ministry on Faith for Finances web pages

b.     $500 will provide partners with above listing plus logo information

c.   $1000 will provide partners with above plus contact information including links

d.    $2500 will provide partners with top line credit plus large size logo and contact information on Faith for Finances marketing

3.       Media and Promotional Partners:
Are you a ministry with a global audience and large email and online subscriber base? Here’s an opportunity to get exposure for your cause AND earn income at the same time.  Partner with us in this process and earn direct referral income for your ministry plus raise awareness for your cause and expand your supporters through a media partnership.

For example, 1000 people who purchase the Faith for Finances program through your unique MoneyMinding Referral ID can generate up to $10,000 in referral income for your ministry. This is independent to any donations your ministry will receive from people working through the program and who contribute tithes and offerings on the personal income they generate from participating in the program.

Become a MoneyMinding Referral Partner Here Now!

Or contact me, Sam Piercy, MoneyMinding Founder, Author and Today’s Voice for Connecting Faith and Finances at [email protected] or 250-592-0457 (pacific time)

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