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I would like to invite you to participate with me in an exciting new era for Tracy Piercy and my MoneyMinding Mission!

I’m calling this era a revival for a couple different reasons: First, because as many people are aware a while ago I experienced a dramatic upheaval in my business, MoneyMinding. We were in the process of undertaking a public offer to expand the company. Instead, after almost a year of delays and mounting questions I finally called a halt to the process in order to get satisfactory answers. In the aftermath of this decision the company was reduced to me as the only person standing. This has since proved to be the very best decision I could have made, however, as the funding process was later confirmed to be fraudulent.  And now that I’ve got first hand experience as well as years of working with others who have been victims or fraud, I know for sure that the financial methods that have evolved over the years with MoneyMinding are indeed life saving!

The second reason I’m calling this a revival is because this powerful message has produced prolific testimonials for years, but has been stifled because of the business drama. Well not any more.  I encourage you to read more about the issues, strategies and real-life story and how it has sparked a total renewal of my conviction to share the profound messages for earning, managing and maintaining money in a real-life context.

The latest publication is a joint effort with a friend of mine who helped take a very evolved and emotionally charges subject and turn it into a powerful financial resource. It’s called The Death by Money Report: The Cause of Stress, and How to Solve Debt and Retirement Issues by Spending, not Saving. It is available at In the early days of marketing the comments from readers confirm that this is a message long overdue in the world of personal finance.

This personal message today is to make sure that as a personal contact of mine you are included in the news and events of this next phase of this amazing journey. You can also follow me on twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin below. And if you would like to discuss cross-promotion opportunities for your business, then please send me an email so we can spread the word together!!!

I look forward to continuing to share exciting news, resources and stories of real life money management that produces results you didn’t know were possible.  I also look forward to hearing your feedback on The Death by Money Report. It is packed with insightful and thought provoking information and promises to enlighten its readers to a paradigm shift that can lead to financial results far beyond conventional – It is definitely worth the $10 investment!



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