Live Beyond Your Means

Last night was a successful first Financial Intimacy event.  For the couples in attendance they had an evening with their spouse discussing what is often the most challenging topic, finances.  They were able to have a relaxing evening together with an opportunity to have intimate conversations about their life and their future. The general theme was summed up by a couple who said, ‘this had us both stop and look at our lives together in a fresh new way.’  Another couple said, they ‘enjoyed the revelation and separation from worldly thinking to connect with God’s principles.’   And from the pastor in attendance, ‘Great information. Passionate invitation. Knowledgeable host. Fantastic food. Great ambience. Brilliant concept.’  Wow!

It was only a few short years that I was in such a deep pit of despair that the only way I got through the day with reading the Word of God.  I was actually screaming for Him to remove the passion in me to teach this message.  Instead, of giving me an interest or open door to anything else He said, ‘no, you’re going to teach this to my people’ – not what I wanted to hear at all at the time.  On top of that, I had such an intimidation to speak with pastors about anything, let alone finances!!

Last night one of the questions was about what do you do when you’ve got a fixed income and a set budget for living expenses and you reach that limit?  We were discussing the concept of how the conventional world view of money makes it a scarce resource, essentially turning money into a god and that the idea of an envelope-type budget reinforces that mindset on a daily basis.  When you then apply the concept of transforming your mind to God’s infinite blessings and unlimited creativity, the envelope concept actually is building a mindset of scarcity, rather than reinforcing your ability to recognize and receive more of God’s blessings.  The quote, ‘how you do anything is how you do everything’ might sum up how destructive these daily, seemingly useful ideas can actual working against your ability to hear God speaking ideas and options into your life.

This message is called ‘live beyond your means’ because when we spend time in the Word, in prayer, and with other believers sharing ideas and solutions, you create a connection between whatever current reality you find yourself in and the good plans, purposes and vision God has for your life.  If all you can do it pray today, then pray in the spirit and let God speak to your spirit.  If all you can do is read the Word, then read it and let the ‘living Word’ speak life into your spirit.  If you are connected to others who can speak life, hope and purpose into your circumstances then surround yourself with these people and seek more or them and gather them together so that ‘in a multitude of counsellors there is great safety’ Proverbs 11:14.  Ultimately, all 3 provide the ‘recipe’ to live beyond what you can see; not by falling into the world’s trap of buy now, but by faith, according to the Power at work within you (see 2 Corinthians 5:7).

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