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Our Method

MoneyMinding Systems

MoneyMinding is a system created to empower, educate, equip, encourage, and effectively lead people into a deeper relationship with Jesus and with each other through finances! MoneyMinding is a methodology to provide the connection between God and money. It’s a paradigm shift in financial thinking with a key focus to unlock riches to fulfill individual dreams and purposes to benefit individuals today and for future generations!

Our Goals

  • Provide practical solutions to help people rise above a system designed to limit possibilities
  • Empower people to live within the world’s financial system without become enslaved to it
  • Build thriving communities supporting each other through day-to-day financial situations

This involves unlock mindsets for immediate benefit by providing not just biblical principles within the world’s system, but demonstrating how to use world’s tools with a Kingdom mindset

We Envision

  • People living triumphant lives through Jesus
  • Pursue God-given desires and dreams
  • Building generational wealth

A Proven Method

The MoneyMinding Method has been taught to a worldwide audience since 1997. The components expand on the conventional financial planning mindset with a wholistic approach that includes finding and developing income to fuel a financial plan. Simplified, this means teaching people how to fish, not giving them fish.

MoneyMinding addresses the root situation, not just the symptons to bring about healing and new vision, new opportunities, and financial increase in a world otherwise focused on managing limited finances.

The MoneyMinding Method encourages training and connecting in local communities so the teaching isn’t just what you know, but who you know as we read in scripture, ‘as the community prospers, so do you’ (see Jeremiah 29:7)

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