Ministry Partnerships

Christian Community Bridging God + Money 

The online MoneyMinding Academy provides books, courses, training and tools that are ideal for small groups, families, teams or individual learning.

The programs provide practical, experiential, and entrepreneurial training to increase finances to live and share the Gospel locally and globally! 

Our mission is to bring Jesus into every area of daily finances!

MoneyMinding provides education and equips people in the area of Kingdom wealth building. However, MoneyMinding Partnerships aren't just about money. They are covenant relationships between parties to accomplish something that neither of them, on their own, can accomplish. Partnership means thats everyone involved has a part to play in the multiplying, strengthening and empowering that which doesn't exist individually.

We believe that God designed the body of Christ to function together for a reason. When we bring God into our relationships we can do what is otherwise impossible on our own. As such, we believe that Kingdom Partnerships enable God's blessings to work in His Church in ways that Jesus' anointing becomes available for anyone and in any situation. When we bring together our individual strengths, skills, knowledge, connections, ideas, resources, and power God can cause needs to be met beyond all that we can ask or imagine, according to His Power and Riches in Glory through Christ Jesus our Lord. 

It's a win-win. So, everyone wins.

Download the Kingdom Partnership Document Here

When we come together to learn and share, we fight fear, doubt and lack with God's love, abundance and faith. This empowers us, as believers to confirm the Gospel because we have access to each other's gifts, as well to each of our unique, personal gifts through Jesus. 

When everyone prospers, and are in health, we all win. 

The MoneyMinding gifting for creative financial ideas and insights for managing money in the world today is multiplied by our Partners who provide biblical training, pastoral support, business training, financial knowledge, specialized products, networking, access to people, financial resources and more. 

God calls each of us to partner with Him and with each other so we are individually and collectively able to reach our full potential as sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, mom's, dad's, pastors, ministers, business people, teachers, prophets, evangelists, apostles, employees, students, and workers in the Kingdom of God.

God raises each of us and connects each of us as partners to meet the needs of all His people. 

MoneyMinding Partnership is an invitation to connect to Jesus' purpose to bring the Power of God to everyone on earth and remove the burdens of the world's systems under the financial influence of the devil. 

Our focus is to multiply Jesus' Love, His Anointing, His Power, His Grace, Mercy, and Forgiveness to empower, educate and equip His Church to experience the Father's Blessings. Our area of focus is to bring Him into financial lives so His Anointing can produce financial blessings as new ideas, hopes and seeds can be planted to produce fruit to increase the Kingdom of God. This way, together we block the devil from limiting finances, and God-given dreams, passions, and purposes can be fully developed into a rich harvest of souls. 

Download the Kingdom Partnership Document Here

Kingdom Partnerships are Birthed from Prayer

We invite you to prayerfully consider how a MoneyMinding Partnership can benefit you, your business, your ministry and your community. 

MoneyMinding Partnerships provide opportunities for partners to share resources in terms of finances, products and services and/or expertise to assist other members.

Partnerships have access to the MoneyMinding Academy the same way as members do. Partnerships also provide opportunities for members to access these resources as well. 

The members can be from your own community where you support going through MoneyMinding Training with the resources available in the MoneyMinding Academy. Members can also be people who become part of your local community or people you, or some of our others partners, serve online anywhere in the world. 

Here's How It Works! 

MoneyMinding Membership for the MoneyMinding Academy begins at only $10 per month or $100 prepaid for the first year.

Members get access to MoneyMinding starter ebooks, an exclusive Q + A Training
and archive, Monthly Action Plan Bible Studies, MoneyMinding Today Podcast Study Notes, a Private Facebook Group for sharing and connecting, and the 30-Day Financial Transformation Course.
First year pre-paid members also get a bundle of books and all available monthly content.

Members also get access to partner resources, which includes biblical training programs and online productivity courses. Partner program discounts and added value for members from our partners is also available. We believe people prosper in community so MoneyMinding creates opportunities for partners to add value, connect with, and serve the membership.

Become a member of the MoneyMinding Academy 

Partnerships begin at $100 per month. This translates into 10 memberships plus a partnership recognition listing for all members to see. Our 100-level partners are also invited to contribute approved content for members to access either as a paid or members-only program.

Prepaid the 100-level partnerships are $1,000 per year.

Partnerships at $250 per month and above also have access to reprintable, repurposable, rebrandable financial content for marketing and client service for their business. This content is generic, timeless, non-geographical financial literacy information to assist people in developing their financial competence, confidence, and effectiveness. Our 250-level partners provide for 25 memberships, a larger partner recognition with link and access to financial tips to use in their own marketing and social media.

Prepaid the 250-level partnerships are $2,500 per year.

Our 500-level partners provide for 50 memberships, a logo listing and link, as well as access to financial tips and articles for repurposing.
Prepaid the 500-level partnerships are $500 per year.

The 1000-level partners provide for 100 memberships, a logo listing and ad
space on MoneyMinding websites, as well as tips, articles and reports for content repurposing. 1,000-level partners also receive access for their members to participate in our unique Purposeful Income Experience Fundraising Challenge. Plus, 1,000-level partners receive MoneyMinding Ambassador Training for 2 people.
Prepaid the 1000-level partnerships are $10,000 per year.

The 2500-level partners provide for 250 memberships, everything that the 1000-level partners receive plus ad space in the Faith for Finances TV production, as well as MoneyMinding Ambassador Training for 4 people.
Prepaid the 2500-level partnerships are $25,000 per year.

5,000-level and 10,000-level partnerships receive all of the above plus premium ad space, headline sponsorship opportunities and more.
Prepaid these partnerships are $50,000 or $100,000 per year.


For more information on how we can partner together to increase the financial well-being of God's people and invite Jesus into the financial areas of our lives, ministries, churches and businesses, please contact:

Sam Piercy, MoneyMinding Founder 


Founder of MoneyMinding
You can also partner with us financially with a gift of any amount to contribute towards the multiplication of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Finances.
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