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MoneyMinding provides education and equipping in the area of Kingdom wealth building.

The Why

We believe that God designed the body of Christ to function together - to do what is otherwise impossible on our own.

Increasing the financial resources and well-being of God's people requires re-imagining possibilities.

When you bring together individual strengths, skills, knowledge, connections, ideas, resources, the Power of God can cause needs to be met beyond all that we can ask or imagine, according to His Power and Riches in Glory through Christ Jesus our Lord.

The Mission

We want to see Jesus relevant in everyday finances!

Everyone needs food, shelter, and love. We believe we have the capacity to provide safe, secure and debt-free homes for for everyone - locally and globally when we activate the Power of God to produce new ideas, hopes and resources to increase the Kingdom of God.

We believe we can unlock finances, and God-given dreams, passions, and purposes to produce a rich harvest of souls as we work together to solve some of the worst issues of systemic-induced poverty!

The Focus

Partnerships build thriving communities where everyone benefits! 

The MoneyMinding Academy provides access to books, courses, training and tools that are ideal for small groups, families, teams or individual learning.

The programs provide practical, experiential and entrepreneurial training to encourage people to work together to build and strengthen relationships AND finances through community.  

Partners provide valuable services and resources for members while also receiving opportunities to add value to their own business or ministry.

Kingdom Partnerships are Birthed from Prayer

We invite you to prayerfully consider how a MoneyMinding Partnership can benefit you, your business, your ministry and your community. 

The Benefits:

  • Partners receive access to the MoneyMinding Academy and training for themselves and/or staff.
  • Partners enable others to receive membership access.
  • Partners can provide products,  services and/or expertise for MoneyMinding Academy Members.
  • Partners can 'white label' generic financial content to add value to their their clients, members or employees; to support their marketing and revenue.
  • Partner donations provide Bursary Memberships for those who otherwise may not have the finances to access our resources.
Let's Talk

Fill in your contact details above and let's talk about how we can work together to increase finances and opportunities for everyone involved!

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Founder of MoneyMinding

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You can also Partner with us with a financial gift of any amount to contribute towards the multiplication of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through financial education.
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