Moving Away or Moving Forward?

Moving Away or Moving Forward?


“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past”
(Isaiah 43:18) .

This week we are counting the days (and the tasks) to launching the Faith for Finance Program.

The program was given to me by God over 2.5 years ago. It sat in a file folder until this fall; and it’s been one technology hurdle after another to get it produced and ready to enroll people into the indepth 30-day financial transformation journey.

The cover image above is your ‘sneak peak’!

There are a lot of details in preparing a program like this to be received. Sometimes it’s a daunting task. It’s taking an idea and producing something tangible that others will receive value from.

What you’ll see when the program is released will be some web pages and links to download, some emails and nothing we all haven’t seen before when we’re online. But, how to get from the scribbles on the paper, to a formatted 115 page workbook and 30 day online course with a partner referral sharing program is the kind of details that more often than not, will stop people from taking action on ideas that God drops into their mind – ideas that He gives each of us uniquely based on our skills, interests, experience, and purposes He has for each of our lives.

The tendency is to look around at our circumstances, look backward at your past experience, your ability, your time, money, and comfort level. We tend to look backwards and to others more than we look forward to the vision and idea God placed in our heart and mind to bring to life. 

The ‘realistic’ mindset will take a God-given idea, vision, purpose or task, then tend to rationalize whether its something we want to do or think we can do based on what we think we can see, or have seen happen before.

The vision of a completed task, project or goal is too often clouded by the realities of our circumstances. We are busy earning an income and living our life to sit before the Lord and say, ‘ok Lord, if you say so, then I trust you and will take the steps as you lead’.

In my experience with God in the financial realm, He seems to show up with Power when we take steps towards seeking Him for the realization of a vision, not in how to get out of a tight squeeze. He doesn’t tend to show up in mighty ways that give Him the glory when we plod along comfortably storing up money in retirement accounts and staying out of debt. (And please don’t take this comment out of context to somehow mean I don’t believe in saving money or living debt free!)

Hope is the tangible substance of faith that if God inspired it, He will fulfill it (see Hebrews 11:1).

This week as you consider the financial reality of the world we live in, I challenge you to consider your own financial life. What would you, or could you do if money was unlimited? Seriously? What would God have you do? What kind of vision does He give you?

I guarantee everyone will have different ideas for what they would do with a unlimited financial resources. These are important clues to what God might be speaking to you about the vision He has for your life. This isn’t a popular topic for many people because it brings us face-to-face with our current reality, our current beliefs about money, and where we have judgments about how much money is ‘appropriate’ for someone to have, and what we think is appropriate use of money.

These are prayer points to bring before God. If you’re up for a lively time of prayer, you could also ask Holy Spirit to reveal in what ways you might be limiting Him in the area of finances.

I prayed that kind of prayer and had one of the most memorable encounters I’ve ever had with the Lord. He wants us to seek Him with our whole heart. He will be found when we do. He’s not going to ask everyone to become a multi-millionaire, but He will hold us accountable for how we connect with Him in the area of money. Do we trust Him? Or do we trust other people, or money to look after us?

Thank you also for your prayer support as we look after the details to have the Faith for Finance program ready for you this Friday. There is a phrase we sometimes hear that, ‘the devil is in the details’. I know myself and the others working on web pages, emails and back end details would love to know there are additional prayers covering this project to keep the devil out of the details!!

And in your own life, take care to take one step forward at a time, praying always for God to lead you one step at a time, not necessarily one milestone at a time, but moment to moment, thought by thought, action by action.

Have a Blessed week!

Looking forward to the ‘big reveal’ Friday!

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