Uncover Opportunities to Multiply Your Income
Challenge Yourself to See Finances from a Fresh Perspective to Increase Resources for Your Family, Ministry and Others

Financial Transformation Begins with New Ideas...

We have grown up with worldview money teaching that focuses our attention on working, saving. This stops the flow of money, meaning there is more dependency on credit and working harder!

The result is that money ends up determining what desires you believe to be realistic, and how you’ll be able to fulfill your God-given purposes.

But this isn’t God's plan. His perfect will is for His children to live relationship with Him and with each other to experience freedom and abundance.

And you can—when you learn how to identify and embrace the opportunities He has put before you!

“But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.”

- Deuteronomy 8:18

God brings money into our lives
through other people.
But, we seek God first, and
He connects us to
the people, ideas, and opportunities.
Let us show you how.

We know you want to multiply your income – everyone does. But when you look at money and circumstances, not seeing ‘how’ will hold you back. Reduced expectations, and discouragement easily influence your thinking and people end up hoping for what they think they can ‘realistically’ see - often retreating to look after themselves before they'll follow God's prompting.

Recognizing how His spirit connects us to work together is a key to unlocking 'treasures on earth' to be empowered to take action on what God is prompting you to do - so you benefit and so do others!

There is another way. God has given us His creative Spirit. When you bring Him into financial areas that have previously been influenced by teaching designed to focus your attention on money, He will increase ideas, confidence, and opportunities. When you share and collaborate with other Kingdom-focused people who are also looking for more opportunities to increase finances for transforming lives through the Gospel, you will find hidden treasures in relationships and everyday finances.

It’s a matter of breaking away from conventional money thinking and taking a fresh look at what’s possible.

We’ve watched individuals, couples, and groups prosper in many creative ways after learning how to implement new financial strategies. And we want to help you do the same.

This simple, 30-day program will guide you (and others) toward a financial transformation, showing you how to let go and allow God to direct your financial thinking for greater increase that benefits all!

“This has been a very, very good course and I consider it a ‘life-changer.’ This whole program is one that I certainly will be revisiting on an ongoing basis as life is always changing, and doors are always being opened—praise be to God! It has been very helpful, informative, useful and very much appreciated. I was quite impressed with your knowledge (obviously from experience too) and your communication and teaching abilities. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Sam!! Very well done!! Love and blessings be yours always, from Sandra.”

The Key to Creating Opportunities for More

The 30-Day Financial Transformation program isn't about gimmicks, provide false hope, or require a big upfront investment. Instead, this powerful programs serves as a spiritual and practical challenge to help you earn 1000x more!

During the 30-days, you (and the people you invite to join you) will work through a series of questions and exercises designed to help you discover and overcome obstacles, explore financial beliefs, identify opportunities for increase, hold yourself accountable, and take a $10 seed and multiply it—to your first $1,000 and beyond.

This program includes…

  • A digital workbook available for immediate download
  • 30 video lessons and exercises for each day of the challenge
  • Additional support tools to help you get the most out of this program
  • Access to the online membership portal
  • Daily scripture and prayer strategies
  • A certificate of completion

…and more.

The entire package, valued at more than $1,000 for church/group leaders, is available to you now for just $30. This means you can embark on a life-changing journey toward greater increase for yourself and others for just $1 a day!

How It Works…

1. Purchase the 30-Day Financial Transformation program.

Click the button below to get the 30-Day Financial Transformation program for the special offer of just $30!

Once you submit your payment, you can download the digital workbook immediately. Additionally, you’ll receive an email containing login information for the membership portal where you can access all the videos and other tools included in this valuable program.    

2. Go through the program step-by-step.

You’re free to start this challenge whenever you want! If time allows, you can complete the video lessons and exercises one day at a time.

Of course, we understand that you have “life” to attend to, so you can take as long as you need—no pressure, as you want to allow time to pray through the questions and scriptures.

3. Uncover opportunities to multiply your income.

By applying the practical and spiritual strategies provided in this program, you can begin letting God direct your financial thinking in new ways so He can reveal possibilities He has uniquely given to you!

It’s time to break away from the limitations of conventional money thinking.
Get ready to embark on a life-changing journey toward greater increase
for yourself and others!

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