Past, Present, and Future

“The past does not equal the future”.  Something you’ve lively heard before and something to be reminded of daily!   Also, “There is nothing like your dream to create your future.”  Two great quotes and relevant to my question:

How long would it take you to turn $250 into $25,000?

I’m particularly speaking to women today because you are the ones who typically deal with money day in and day out and aren’t afraid to ask questions (if you knew what to ask).

I believe you know that more money is better that less money (not everyone does). And that its not just a matter of making more and spending less!

I also believe that you know that in order to access more money, you have to increase your capacity for more.  This means, you have to be able to earn more income and keep more of what you have after taxes and after expenses.  You also need to know how to manage what you have so you don’t negatively impact your lifestyle along the way, and don’t fall for gimmicks and inappropriate investments.

It has to be sustainable! 

Multi-millionaires and very successful people know that an investment in knowledge is 100% guaranteed.  Today, I’m giving you an opportunity to get the knowledge to turn $250 into whatever amount you want in whatever time you want it by.  Consider for a minute how long would it take you to turn $250 into $25,000?  Could you do it in 25 days?  25 weeks?  25 months?  Or would it take you 25 years because the only way you know how to make money grow is to invest it in something and let is grow for a long time?  Did you know that in order to turn $250 into $25,000 over 25 years, you would need to find an investment that paid 20.23% per year to do it?  hmmm…

Knowing how to make this calculation is a financial skill.  Understanding why or why not this is important on a day-to-day basis is financial knowledge.  Applying these and other money concepts to your own situation takes confidence to make decisions that will get you the results you didn’t think were possible.

If you’re fearful or doubtful about any aspect of money (including what I’m writing about here) this is actually and indication that you’d like to believe there could be something better, easier, less stressful, more certain…  But, you’ve been disappointed and let down in the past.

If you let discouragement hold you back it means you’re going to let the past keep you from enjoying your present AND your future. 

The first step is to start where you are, no matter what you’ve experienced before, or how old you are, or what your current financial situation is.  Multi-millionaires hire me to teach them money basics because they know that money is a life skill that has not been formally taught and therefore requires a foundation to pull together the ad-hoc learning they’ve received to this point.

Financial advisors also hire me to teach them the practical application of these money concepts for day-to-day financial decision making.  Why?  Because this information isn’t taught yet is essential for living a financially successful life!  This is not hocus pocus or a get rich scheme.

This is real-life money management from an unconventional perspective that is capable of getting you results you didn’t think were possible!

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