A Global Fundraising Partnership
to Increase Finances
for the Church!
Instead of trying to get a bigger slice of the pie by managing the pie you have...

Let's make a bigger PIE so everyone can have more! 

Many years ago, God gave MoneyMinding Founder, Sam Piercy a purpose to bring Jesus into the financial lives of His people to build a bridge between His Word and the world of finances we live in today. The bible talks a lot about money, but His people don't, The result is limited knowledge, power, isolation, intimidation and lack.

What if Churches and Ministries had a friendly competition, where everyone wins?

Years ago, at a MoneyMinding workshop, 2 teams competed to come up with a plan to fund a monthly income goal starting from nothing. After presenting their plans, someone else spoke up and challenged the group to take one of the ideas and do it for real. 90 days later, a group of 18 people had earned $12,000. This led to more people wanting to participate so they could meet others who were creatively working towards developing intentional income within a solid financial foundation for growth with purpose.

A similar concept was run as a 'wealth tournament' by a professor at Stanford University a few years later, where a group of students were given $5 and had as much time as they needed to plan, but only 2 hours to earn as much money as they could from their $5. 

The MoneyMinding Income Generating Blueprint that is woven throughout MoneyMinding courses was inspired by Jesus' Parable of the Talents. This blueprint is modelled after the concept of a penny doubling. It's a 100-fold return on $10, twelve times. 

The MoneyMinding training for the blueprint delivers a series of exercises to help people come up with new ideas and analyze their ideas with an objective to uncover the Godly plans to help fulfill their individual goals and purposes. The ideas are supported by practical exercises to turn $10 into $20. then $20 into $40, $40 into $80, etc.

It's a tool to shift mindsets and implement a solid financial foundation with entrepreneurial, Kingdom-minded thinking.

How do you go from not enough or just enough to more than enough?

Kingdom financial thinking is purposeful because it recognizes God's power working in and through each of us to produce wealth to overflow to bless others and bring praise and worship to God.

We call this Kingdom Entrepreneurship, and it's how we can multiply God's love through finances.

The Purposeful Income Experience (or PIE for short) is about introducing these concepts to the Church; to break down barriers that keep people from talking about finances and making assumptions about financial transactions and motivations 

"This unique challenge is about connecting God's people though finances; about bringing Jesus right into the middle of our financial reality; and sharing the Gospel though finances." 
Beyond the Bake Sale to the PIE Challenge 

Churches around the world will compete during a 10-day competition period. Groups in the local community will work together to come up with, and implement creative, Holy Spirit-inspired, purposeful income generating ideas - starting with no more than $10.

MoneyMinding will provide each participant with course materials and support to encourage creative fundraising ideas and to help them connect to scripture to begin the process of transformation and renewed mindsets around finances.

The value of the participant training content that they will have access to for life has a retail value over $1000. They get everything they need to be equipped to succeed at realizing new purposeful dreams!

Click Here to Watch a 5 Minute Introduction
Enter to Win

The entry fee per team is $1000 for up to 100 participants. It's up to each team leader to decide how many individual groups will make up the 100 people.

You decide if and how much you'll ask participants to pay for the value they receive by playing on your team. If each of your players pays $10, your team entry fee is covered. If your players pay $20, you have added $1000 to your ministry budget!

You decide where and how all the funds raised are distributed. The information is in the leader's pack, you receive after you register.

Also, you decide what dates you want to run your challenge(s).

You can have several youth groups, or perhaps the youth group, women's group, men's group, worship team, seniors, and leaders all working on a challenge and competing against each other, yet still contributing to your team's overall results. 

If you're a ministry serving other ministries or churches you can choose to add some extra incentives for your groups if you want and run your own PIE challenge, and still get the benefit of everyone sharing and supporting each other.

You can play multiple times, or invite people from the community to join your team.

Regardless, everyone wins when you work together to with God directing your brainstorming and fundraising projects!

Every 100 teams who complete the challenge will end a 'round'.
Prizes will then be awarded based on your team's per person earnings.
This way, it doesn't matter if you have a large or small church because everyone wins!!
Is awarded to the team with the highest per person earnings converted to US Dollars from all their individual group projects.
This team will receive 10% of all the team entry fees for that competition period.
Is awarded to the team to have second highest per person earnings converted to US Dollars from all their individual group projects. 
This team will receive 5% of all the team entry fees for that competition period.
Is awarded to the team to have the third highest per person earnings converted into US Dollars from all their individual group projects. 
This team will receive $1000
Invaluable Rewards

The funds earned during the competition can be used at the discretion of the team. It can be used for funding ministry activities, split among all team players, used to create scholarships for other teams to enter the PIE challenge, combination thereof, or some other purpose as God directs them. Ultimately, ...

The Grand Prize is the immeasurable benefit of God's people partnering together in this fun, purposeful competition, are the connections, community service, and creative support people will receive as they engage in inspiring conversation about finances and work together fundraising from their God-inspired ideas. 

The more teams who compete the more funds are released and multiplied with more the opportunity to continue to multiply the ideas, support and reward potential.

Plus, every team who enters has an opportunity to receive a donation of 20% for other teams they introduce. That's $200 for every team you bring in to join us in the PIE challenge - and this is before any fundraising begins!

All this with a unique opportunity to bring the Gospel message of hope to an area of desperate need in the world today! 

We call all this experiencing financial grace.

Will you try it?


Register Your Own Team or Create a Scholarship for Others to Get a Grant to Play

Register your own team and get access the course materials, extra training, fundraising ideas and stories - plus team leader support.

Gather your team and get ready!

Start thinking, planning and preparing.

Even if you're not ready, there are certainly people in your community and around the world who need to connect with God and others to receive the new hope for peace, prosperity and purpose through Jesus! Christ!

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