Rethinking Money

Every step of the way I see more and more confirmation of a poverty mentality that has gripped our society because of our conventional view of personal finances.

The biggest issue is that people don’t even believe that there could be other options, yet when I crunch numbers, talk to people and sometimes just take a quick evaluation of their situation I can ALWAYS see options for short and long term financial benefit that they haven’t considered!  I saw an extra $3000 for someone who thought their only option was increase their debt to pay their bills.  I talked to a financial advisor at the who tried to tell me that what she did was the same as what I taught then presented me with a client assessment that I was to check boxes about my financial situation but didn’t even have a category for income, or giving – let alone my own goals!

It has to stop.  What is accepted as good common sense, isn’t all there is!  We have to wake up and recognize that we have been blinded in our financial thinking which has led to, and is accelerating in our society which is rapidly losing its middle class to a life of financial slavery – unnecessarily!

I started my career subscribing to the conventional view and advising people within that framework.  I even taught it for over 5 years to financial advisors.  Then I started my financial literacy and training business and emphasized sustainability and change through emotional and strategic financial planning systems.  This worked great for many people, but not always.

I finally understood why it wasn’t always effective when my own life came to a dramatic climax from what ended up being fraud.  How could someone who’s life’s work was about finance become the victim of financial fraud?  Good question. And one I want to shout the answer from the rooftops to help others avoid the kind of pain me and my family and others who lost money as a result, have suffered in the aftermath.

The answer to some of the simplest money questions is the same as it is for some of the most challenging issues.  Too many people suffer needlessly from subscribing to a view of money which robs them of their peace, joy, abundance and opportunity to experience and to share blessings with others because of a wrong belief that money is a scarce resource and that access to more money will provide the answers they’re looking for. There is more to the story and the missing part of this story is where the immediate and long-term answers are found.

The current model of finance emphasizes accumulation.  The result of this is a pattern of acquire and consume.  The sustainable model is about earning and investing. Consumption in the sustainable model produces growth from shared rewards.

It’s a shift in how you look at every area of finance and what I know to be true in my own life and in the lives of people I have worked and spoken with, the fruit of this renewed mindset is spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and financially immediately tangible.

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