The Right and Wrong Way to Build Wealth

There is one thing that continues to surprise me when I talk with people one-on-one about their finances.

For over 30 years I have had the privilege of teaching and coaching thousands of people from all over the world to uncover hidden assets and build wealth …

So they can live a life of Godly financial freedom.

But I am continuously surprised that 9 times out of 10,

  • The people who are seeking freedom from debt,
  • More confidence in managing their assets, or
  • Wondering how to financially support their dreams,

Are making the same few mistakes!

I recognize them immediately because they’re the same 3 mistakes I made when I was first starting in my career.

This is why I’m writing today and inviting you to look at financial possibilities from a fresh perspective.

If you’re not currently making at least $10-$20k/month from your own assets or business in a way that also let’s you live your life in a way that BRINGS YOU (AND OTHERS) GREAT JOY…

  • Because your free time is limited by work,
  • Or your non-working activities are LIMITED BY LACK OF MONEY,
  • And throughout the day you think more about how much something costs, or how much money you’d lose if you didn’t do something,

More than likely, it’s because you’re committing one of these all-too-common mistakes.

Here’s the good news, though…I’m not going to tell you that you need to earn that much, and I certainly won’t condemn you if you’re not… But I’m going to tell you exactly what the mistakes are, and what to do INSTEAD!

Mistake #1 – Letting someone else determine the cost of your lifestyle

After you know the monthly value of your God-inspired lifestyle, (your financial freedom number), then you build a financial, business and life plan to fund it. You don’t determine your goals and dreams based on your current income and situation.

You need a personal, unique and God-inspired financial freedom number to drive your financial activities before you do anything else. This will direct your focus towards God, not money.

Mistake #2 – Fear of letting go

Your financial freedom number means you’re going to have to share your situation and vision with others. This means being open to learning new ways of thinking and using finances, instead of continuing with the status quo of following the advice of the conventional money teaching.

If you keep doing what you always have – making financial decisions by yourself or giving someone else control of the decisions, you’ll never know what could be better!

Mistake #3 – Not charging enough for your services, expertise, ideas and skills

Think about this…

By charging higher rates, you can serve the people you love in ways you can’t if sell yourself at the level you think someone else will pay.

This mindset say ‘under-valued and not good enough’. You end up placing more value on someone else’s life, than your own,

And, this means everyone loses.

  • The people you work for lose because while everyone likes to get a good deal, they’re more likely to respect your work (and you) when you charge what you’re worth.
  • You lose because you have less income to pay for your lifestyle and contribute to others you love and causes you care about.
  • Others you may never know lose unless you determine the cost of the lifestyle God is calling you to and build a plan to bring it to life!

If you honestly look at the way you’re running your finances right now,

Do you see yourself making any of these mistakes?

I’ve been there, done that, bought too many t-shirts to count from all the times,

  • I thought I knew what was best for our situation;
  • I tried to reduce my lifestyle to fit with the salary I thought was what I ‘should’ be happy with; and
  • I didn’t want to lose a client so I reduced my rate…

 This means I also know how to get beyond the mistakes ????

The exact step-by-step roadmap is what my intensive and unique Project M training is about.

And, I’m inviting you to join the others who have found their financial freedom in Jesus.

There are LOTS more details I want to share with you!

Everyone wants to know HOW?

That’s what Project M is all about!

How do you transform your thinking, restructure your day-to-day finances, and build a plan to realize immediate and long-term purpose-driven, Godly inspired income?

Get all the details and apply on the next page – because as amazing as the testimonials are from Project M participants – it’s not for everyone…

Not everyone who says they want more money actually needs it in order to realize God’s purposes for their life…

I hope you’ll join me/us so I can show you HOW to set up your financial systems to build a financial, business and life plan the right way – so you can learn why 5-figure months (or more) are more normal and EASIER to reach than you thought!

Many Blessings ~ Sam

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About Our Founder

Sam Piercy, is an expert at quickly cutting through financial limitations to find creative, conservative and highly effective solutions where conventional money wisdom has come short! Her methods are simple and teachable. They bridge a gap between the blessings and abundance of the Word of God, and the world’s system that feeds limitations, anxiety and directs your attention to serving money – not fulfilling your God-given desires and purpose. 

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