Spend-Spend-Spend: Friday News, February 20th

You have to do it anyway so have you actually thought about how you spend?  What do you spend with?  Where you spend from?  When you spend?  Where you spend?

These issues make a difference! If you earn $1000 where does it go?  Likely to some bank account – but what type and which one?  How is it deposited?  What happens next?  These issues also make a big difference!

If your buying day-to-day things and spending say $100 on groceries, gas, etc. how do you pay for those items?  With what?  When?  Where?

If you’re buying something a little bigger say for $10,000 where and how and when are you paying for that item?

Now take it a step further and ask yourself the same questions for $100,000 or more?  Remember the phrase, ‘how you do anything is how you do everything!’There are strategic systems, concepts, and practical steps to creating extra-ordinary efficiency within the context of your day-to-day earning and spending.  It’s not what you think though.  I mean, enough with the cut back your spending and focus on getting out of debt.  When you learn how to spend you will also be learning how to earn.  And because you have systems for managing earning and spending the debt and the savings and the bills can look after themselves.

Every time you go to pay for something you’re either reinforcing scarcity and lack, or abundance and blessing; it’s your choice!  Strategic systems are much more than what sort of fees you have on your chequing account and what the interest rate is on your credit card are not the most important criteria in selecting, using and managing your financial systems.

I am preparing my new program Better Banking:  Extraordinary Efficiency in Everyday Finance.  The book and workshop will be announced shortly for pre-release.  In the meantime, there are opportunities for up to 10 more financial professionals or coaches to sponsor the development and launch of this unique and powerful program.

It is an ideal program for a church to offer for their members because its simple, powerful, unique and definitely grounded in God’s word.  In terms of being a critical step in helping to cultivate your relationship with the Lord while you make daily financial decisions, this program and the strategies it presents will provide a solid foundation for growth!!

If this might be you, or if you know someone who might be interested in the opportunity please have them call me (Sam) right away as there is a lot of interest.

If you are interested in hosting a presentation for yourself and your friends and/or family and/or co-workers then let me know that also.  Hosts are compensated so it’s an ideal way to earn a few dollars while you learn and share.  Right now, while we’re in the development phase presentations are only available where there is a financial advisor sponsor, sorry.  That includes Victoria and a couple places in Ontario today.

And if you just want to find out how you can maximize your current finances with what you’ve currently got going on, then you can either continue to stay tuned or you could consider a 30 minute ‘financial fix’ consultation for $50.

Either way – let me know and stand by!!!  I promise this program is not like anything you’ve participated in before!!!  The concepts are based on mainstream, conventional financial tools, but used and arranged to maximize efficiency!  This is what you get from years of professional training, teaching and dramatic personal experience!!  I call it ‘street smart’ finance!

Here’s the link to the BYOBank Blog Post:  You WILL Make More and Keep More!

Last week on Financial Grace Radio:  Fight or Flight

Next week on Financial Grace Radio:  Where, When, How, With What do you Spend?

Also, if you’re in Victoria, take note that MoneyTree Meetings are Thursday evenings now!  You need to RSVP if you’re planning to attend as we’re hoping to move be able to bless a variety of homes and neighborhoods!

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