Talking About Money for Christian Leaders

An Introduction to faith and finances for Christian Leaders

Leading a Christian church or ministry is challenging! Money is the lifeblood of any church or ministry. Some pastors and leaders have discovered that having a clear understanding of what God says about money in his Word is liberating and takes the pressure off them. But, there is still the ever-changing, complex world of money that impacts everyone’s day-to-day financial lives.

  • Has God given you big dreams about many more ways in which to enlarge the Kingdom and help even more people?
  • Have you had dreams of having more than enough money so that you can give generously when the Holy Spirit prompts?
  • How many times have you gone to bed wondering how you’re going to manage?
  • How many hours have you spent in prayer seeking God’s wisdom about finances?

Instead of fretting, stressing and feeling sorry for yourself, you can quietly and strategically pray, confident that the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and the Abba Father of Jesus will show you The Way.

Sometimes God answers those prayers directly when a donor heeds the whisper of the Holy Spirit and writes out a check or sends an email money transfer. Sometimes God answers by giving us innovative ways to reexamine our situation. Sometimes He brings people and organizations across our path with creative ideas.

The MoneyMinding 30-Day Faith for Finances Challenge Program is one such program. It’s a practical, spiritual, and transformational 30-day program to increase the financial resources of God’s people. As God’s people increase their wealth, they will increase their giving.

Helping Mrs. Jackson, your faithful, widowed prayer warrior, to earn a little extra each month means peace of mind for her and increased revenue for your ministry.

Statistically, over 70% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck or in near poverty circumstances. Both Christians and non-Christians are included in these statistics.

As a pastor and leader, the financial health of the members of your organization should be a priority. What can you do?

Who among your partners and supporters could use extra money?

God uses people to bring financial teaching and finances into our life. He tells us in Jeremiah 29:7 that “as the community prospers so do you.”

Let us know if you’d like to chat about how MoneyMinding can can help you and your ministry or organization?​​​​​​​

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