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All of this content was compiled through years of work and hands on experience in the financial sector. These are the stepping stones which will inform you of the many misconceptions and lies which can be found in the financial system and how we can over-come them and establish new mindsets to avoid the financial traps which have been set to ensnare people everywhere!

Money Myths

Money Myths removes all of the false and unnecessary expectations involved in day-to-day finances! Download this FREE ebook and lay a new foundation for your banking mindset!

Proverbs 10:22

This insightful eBook includes Sam’s personal testimony with financial grace as well as the 7 Step Prayer Strategy for Financial Increase inspired by the Lord’s Prayer.

Budgets Uncorked

NEW! 7 Strategic Cash Flow Planing Exercises, complete with templates to create an efficient, results focused day-to-day cash management system – for personal and / or business planning!

Top 10 Financial Planning Lies

Prosperity Seeds

The simple, yet challenging exercises in this ebook and training will help you identify key sources to unlock your treasures stored in secret places. This is an ideal program for small groups. You can purchase it today for only $10! 

Better Banking

This digital workbook is included with the purchase of the Better Banking course, but you can buy it here for only $20! You can learn the basics of the BB steps and tools!
Get started on your financial transformation today!

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