The Top 10 Financial Planning Lies and the Better Truth!

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

This morning immediately after our morning prayer time and communion, my husband Joe went to change the worship music we were playing in the background. As he did, an ad for a yoga company advocating for 1 million lives to be transformed by yoga came blasting into our peaceful environment. I wanted him to turn off the ad, and we ended up in a ‘spat’ because he wanted to hear their pitch. After a couple minutes of tension, we both realized the enemy had seized an opportunity through something seemingly insignificant.
But its not a small thing. It’s another example of a big thing that we have a choice in responding to the truth, or letting those small thoughts stay in our mind so eventually they become familiar and comfortable, ultimately influencing our beliefs without question.
We accept too many thoughts passively that lead us away from the Truth so we end up with false-belief. Then we accept language that refers to ‘unbelief’ without looking at the original intent. Then, what started as a simple, small, insignificant idea has been able to begin to expand into a beliefs that implies “we’re not strong enough, or don’t have enough faith (unbelief)”; when the reality began with hearing something that began from wrong belief and eventually shaped our thoughts, actions and results.
You cannot change your results if you first don’t recognize the mindset that got you to where you are. And, you cannot be transformed by the renewing of your mind if you hold 2 sets of beliefs: those of false origin and those of the Word of God. The false beliefs must first be uncovered by knowing the Truth. Then you have to undo wrong thinking, which doesn’t have to be long or complicated, if you first are open to seeing things from a fresh perspective. The key is to let a pin prick of light into an area where you currently hold strong convictions – ie. Finances!
The enemy will use pride to hold you captive. The enemy will attempt to convince you that you already know what’s best. The enemy will steal, kill and destroy your dreams, your peace, your joy, your relationships, and your destiny if you let pride, or passive acceptance continue to influence your life.
Joe and I used to let these passive ideas spiral into sometimes weeks of anger, bitterness, and fighting. Today, we recognize the Power and Authority we have in Christ to triumph over the enemy tactics in all areas of our life: health, relationships, finances.
When you learn the lies, know the truth, and get prepared, you will experience the freedom from enemy lies directing your focus on money, not God. This is huge!
Here are some immediate tools and opportunities for you to begin (and expand) your financial freedom in Christ today:
In the Village:
Stand guard! Stay tuned! The treasures stored in secret places are unlocked – The gates have been opened – The bars of poverty thinking are broken! Now learn to walk in that financial grace!
I’m looking forward to hearing your testimony!
Many Blessings!
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