The View Beyond the Window

Last night I was shopping with my daughter and one of her bridesmaids. As we exited the mall, I was abruptly interrupted by an invisible force.

Usually we call these invisible forces windows and usually they provide a view to what’s on the other side while keeping the elements on the inside protected.

In my case, the abrupt interruption to our otherwise casual walk to the car, reverberated a loud bang throughout the mall, and brought a bit of pain to my nose along with the shock of coming face-to-face with a window (literally).

The initial reaction on my part was, ‘What just happened? How did that happen?’

The initial reaction from the girls was, ‘Are you ok?’

I didn’t stop to see the reaction from everyone else who witnessed this embarrassing encounter, but I’m sure they would have been laughing hysterically. They should have. I’m still laughing at the situation.

Sometimes these embarrassing moments happen and you can look around and hope no one saw, or at least hope no one you know saw. You’ll know, but you certainly don’t want anyone else to see you make a fool of yourself.

My momentary encounter with an ‘invisible force’ (the window) that abruptly blocked my plans (walking to the car) brought a teeny bit of physical pain, and embarrassment, but happily it wasn’t worse, and I didn’t break the window (I could recover quickly). It wasn’t pleasant, but wasn’t anything i could pretend away either. 

On your journey of life, the bible tells us there are invisible spiritual forces that have one purpose, ‘to steal, kill and destroy’ your life.

When you look beyond the comfort and security of your current reality you can see a nice view, and would be interested in going there yourself, but when you start walking in that direction you seem to get interrupted by an ‘invisible window’ blocking your path.

Maybe you’ve pursued a dream before and came face-to-face with the window, and the embarrassment and pain of a shattered dream has kept you inside familiar walls, afraid to step out again.
Maybe you’re afraid of going there again – afraid of being judged, laughed at, failing, or dealing with the anxiety of not knowing??

I’m telling you this story, because I know the pain of failure. I know the pain of rejection. Not with just a brief encounter with a window at the mall, but with real life losses. 

Mostly I’m telling you this story, however, because I know that alongside the window that seems to block your path to realizing your plans, purposes, dreams, goals and visions is a door – an open door!

The door isn’t locked and it’s not heavy or complicated to walk through. In fact, that door is being held open for you. You can be wheelchair bound or feel like you’re on your death bed, financially speaking, and the door is still being held open.

On the other side is great joy and peace.

But first you must learn to see the door and not just the closed window. You’ll have to learn to overcome memories of past attempts, anxieties, and beliefs about what’s on the other side, and how to get there.

Maybe you’ll even learn to laugh at yourself and your situation instead of condemning or living with anxiety or doubts about how to learn to survive inside the walls of your current situation.

Jesus said, ‘I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world’ (John 16:33).

Are you ready for a new view – a new look at the financial world we live in?

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Many Blessings ~ Sam

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