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Welcome to the Better Banking Course

The Better Banking Course is a 4-Part Series taught through webinars, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and the Better Banking workbook and reference guide.

The course is written from a Canadian perspective, BUT the concepts are universal and non-country specific. A key theme is to help you gain the financial knowledge we all should have learned growing up, but didn’t. The objective is to then have a foundation to help you ask better questions and get better results!

The complete package of training and ongoing reference material provides key financial basics as it guides you with practical examples, background information and templates  to set up essential money systems like bank accounts, credit facilities, insurance products, and investment vehicles to support a foundation for increasing and sustainable wealth. 

Introduction to Better Banking Course

Please watch this hour overview before you continue onto the Lessons!

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Workbook/Reference Guide!

Better Banking Digital Workbook

This 100-page digital workbook gives you to the strategies, explanations, background information, templates, and instructions including support details to set up and manage your ongoing cash flow to achieve your personal goals and priorities with finances. The workbook / guide covers  everything and more taught in this course and is a proven useful reference tool to go back as your situation evolves. Because financial decisions happen everywhere, all the time, you can access this key digital reference book with you wherever you go on your phone, tablet, or computer to use whenever you need!

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