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Don't let Money Steal Your Peace

We've all heard that Jesus said we can't serve both God and money.

But what does that look in everyday life?

There are very real decisions that need to be made, with very real consequences!

It is possible to to walk in financial peace, even when facing big decisions!

God's promises are that He has already blessed you with provision, prosperity, and peace.

And you can unlock His blessings by learning how to make practical and biblically sound financial decisions today—even in the midst of unexpected, or emotionally charged situations with significant impact on your life - and the lives of your loved ones!

“With me are riches and honor, enduring wealth and prosperity.”

- Proverbs 8:18

Jesus gave us a life of abundance.
We want to help you live it.

At MoneyMinding, our mission is about you.

Yes, ... our programs are about finances - but more importantly, they're about connecting you to God, so He can lead you to gain the knowledge and wisdom necessary for His good plans and purposes for your life to be realized!! 

We've walked the path.

We live under the same financial system.

We want to help you live the life of abundance Jesus provides - whatever that looks like for you - because He is worthy. And we’re committed to helping you navigate money decisions, regardless of the circumstances.

In times of financial uncertainty—especially with unexpected, added economic uncertainly like the COVID-19 pandemic—we know how easy it is to slip into a mindset of fear, doubt, and scarcity. But, we’ve experienced firsthand how taking a different approach will create a mindset for ongoing, increasing income and peace of mind.

By applying more than 30 years of professional finance experience and a relationship with Jesus Christ, birthed out of financial trial and triumph, our founder, Sam Piercy and MoneyMinding Ambassadors can provide you with the proven, practical, purposeful strategies and biblical insights you need to make financial decisions that produce triumph from any trial!

Your Guide to Overcoming
Financial Uncertainty

The Triumph Over Money ebook and video series, outlines 7 sequential steps for making financial decisions from the perspective of connecting with God’s plans and purposes for your life.

This comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide, and 5 corresponding videos, will introduce you to the concepts of increase, not decrease.

It will also demonstrate how the key to overcoming financial uncertainty today—no matter what situation you may find yourself in—lies in the pages of scripture and your relationship with God, through Jesus and Powered by the Holy Spirit.

Ultimately, Triumph Over Money will allow you to take advantage of tools that have proven extremely effective when it comes to making immediate financial decisions.

Best of all, the Triumph Over Money ebook with videos is now available for just $10, making it a cost-effective way for you to navigate whatever money decisions you may be facing - regardless of the cause!

Here’s What to Do…

1. Buy your copy of Triumph Over Money.

Simply click the button below and purchase your copy of this ebook now for a limited time offer of only $10!

You’ll receive an email that contains your ebook and login information for the accompanying videos.

2. Watch the accompanying videos.

These videos are designed to help you get the most out of Triumph Over Money, allowing you to take a deeper dive into the 7 steps for immediate decision-making support and a foundation for long-term transformation!

3. Experience financial grace and freedom.

Overcome whatever financial mountain is before you, by applying the concepts provided in the ebook and videos. Financial transformation begins with a fresh perspective and practical steps to apply the new view. You can do that now, to benefit today with a foundation for a prosperous future.


Don’t let money issues hold you back any longer! Start living a life of abundance today!

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