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Right now, someone you know is praying, ‘Oh God, I need money’.

Maybe they’re afraid to even pray it because they are ashamed of their situation.

Maybe it’s you.

I know, because I’ve been there – more than once…

I know that when you hear stories of others who have no debt, carry no balances on their credit cards, and are proud that they’ve stayed out of financial slavery, it can cause an open door to despair, hopelessness, resentment, envy, shame, bitterness, guilt, and a whole lot more that’s not the fruit of the spirit.

We all benefit from more money!

The reality is the whole world is in debt to the financial system we live in. Studies show that 88% of the population lives DAILY with financial uncertainty!!!

We fool ourselves though, if we think we have the answers to today’s money problems by looking at strategies to cut back, sacrifice and reduce access to credit. This might have worked in the past, but it’s NOT the world we live in TODAY!

Obviously, debt is a burden that causes great stress in people’s lives and you CAN’T spend what you don’t have!

Family’s suffer; health suffers; we all suffer. But, the answers aren’t the same as they used to be because the financial world we live in isn’t the same as it was even a few years ago.  

The truth is that God said money would be a stumbling block and that Satan would use it to deceive all people.

The truth is God has a lot to say about money.

The truth is that God calls His people into relationship with Him through His son, Jesus Christ.

The truth is through the blood of Jesus we have the Holy Spirit to guide us in all areas of our life – including finances.

God wants His people FREE to spread the Gospel of His Son Jesus Christ.

God wants His people FREE to be His body of life and light in the world today!

We all benefit when the community prospers!

The reality is we don’t and can’t do money on our own. We need each other; we need collective knowledge; we need the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to make every financial decision.

If we think we have the answers and think we’re doing OK, we limit HIS ABILITY to work in and through our lives. The bible tells us we don’t have all the answers and we’re definitely NOT doing OK. The financial statistics confirm this.

Canada, where I live, is the most credit-maxed nation in the world. This means that of the credit that has been granted to individuals and companies, the amount that has been utilized is the highest percentage compared to other nations. You can google this, there is more than one source confirming it ☹.

At the beginning of this year, God gave me a word, ‘Faith for Finances’. He also gave me the figure $1,000,000.

You might remember that the theme for the Faith for Finances Program is 1000x more, inspired by Deuteronomy 1:11.

This verse speaks of BLESSINGS and INCREASING numbers of PEOPLE.

The practical exercises In the Faith for Finances program uncover OPPORTUNITIES and OBSTACLES to  encourage people to work together and follow steps to earn at lease an extra $1000 in cause-driven income. This figure is the beginning of plans and ideas towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

1000 people working together to earn $1000 each works out to $1,000,000 in new cause-driven income for the Kingdom of God.

Today, we have some amazing testimonials from people working through the Faith for Finances program.

Today, we know that everyday with debt causes a bigger and bigger weight on the shoulders of all of us!

Today, I ASK YOU, “will join me in reaching 1000 people and helping them earn at least $1000 – as a start, with ongoing income and financial freedom as the goal?”

We start today.

Home groups working through the 30-day program can begin anytime but THE SOONER WE START, the sooner the ideas, inspiration, RESULTS AND FREEDOM are unlocked!

Get all the details here!

Thank you for sharing this message.
Thank you for calling me if you have questions.
Thank you for being part of the solution and for having an open mind as we gather together to BREAK THE CYCLE OF DEBT in our families, communities, and nations.

PS. Tomorrow is day 26 of 40 days and 40 topics of financial prayer. The topics and recordings are in the Financial Prayer Facebook Group. Please join and share there also because everyone needs some fresh encouragement for financial freedom – encouragement that comes as we gather in the name of our Lord Jesus to break through financial strongholds that limit potential and lead people into further bondage!

Looking forward to seeing you there and to seeing how God will work as we invite Him in to this critical area of our lives!

Get the details here NOW!

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Sam Piercy, is an expert at quickly cutting through financial limitations to find creative, conservative and highly effective solutions where conventional money wisdom has come short! Her methods are simple and teachable. They bridge a gap between the blessings and abundance of the Word of God, and the world’s system that feeds limitations, anxiety and directs your attention to serving money – not fulfilling your God-given desires and purpose. 

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